5 Best Alternatives To 911 Proxy


Once 911 proxy service (911.re) shut down its operations on 28th July, which was unexpected news for many people who were still using it. The reason was that a group of hackers made phishing attacks and cloned their data, which caused their charging system to be down. 

Many of them have been trying to seek an alternative provider to use. However, there are a variety of proxy service providers in the market now so it’s hard for them to choose the best alternative among them. 

So in this article, we will recommend to you the 5 best alternatives to 911 proxy that can help you continue carrying out your tasks. We’ll go through some aspects of these proxies. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you need to read it carefully to choose the suitable one for your task before purchasing a large number of them. 

First, we’ll come to Yilu proxy. 

1. Yilu

Yilu is a Socks5 proxy server that provides 90 million+ global dynamic residential IP proxies that cover nearly all the countries, which is suitable for global users. They are updated daily and provided by international hosting retailers' proprietary stable IP addresses. They also provide static IPs which are only available in the USA with well-quality and stability. 

Their proxies are targeted in some use cases such as data scraping, SEO monitoring, E-commerce, social media management, and brand protection,...

Yilu Proxy supports 3 proxy charging modes. You will be charged by the day if using shared static IP, by the month if using dedicated static IP, and by the traffic if using rotating residential IP. Each type will have different prices so you need to read carefully and should compare them with other providers before paying. 

Yilu Pricing Plans

However, they don’t have a free trial plan for you to test and don’t offer a refund so you should buy the smallest package to test their service before purchasing. 

2. SocksEscort

SocksEscort is a static residential SOCKS5 Windows proxy service. They also have their own Socksifier which works similarly to Proxifier and is completely free to use. It can also be used for any other SOCKS5 proxy service. 

Now, let’s move to its pros first. 

One of the greatest advantages is the price. It’s quite acceptable and affordable, easy for users to choose. 

SocksEscort Price Calculator

The quality is quite good with unlimited bandwidth and fast connection. The IPs also are clean and frequently updated. You can also request any of their contact for a trial if you are ready and prepared to test it right away. 

How about its cons? 

The number of IPs is really small compared to 911 proxy. It has a total of 23444 proxies in 102 countries including 5594 USA IPs and 1530 Canada IPs. It limits the devices to login into the account. So, if you want to use other devices, you will have to pay 5$/device. 

When you install this software, your computer device will probably lose the network. If it happens, it is inconvenient to fix, for example, you have to restart your computer. 

It also doesn’t offer any refunds. 

3. Astroproxy

Astroproxy is a diverse proxy provider that started selling proxies back in 2017. It’s probably a Russian-based proxy provider we can know from the only piece of information. 

It is the best choice for web-related activities, managing multiple accounts on websites, SEO auditing, ads verification, and many other use cases. 

It has several pros that attract users to use it. 

First, the cost is low and flexible with “pay-as-you-go” billings. You will only pay for the amount of traffic you plan to use and the number of ports, not individual proxies like some other proxy providers. 

Astroproxy Pricing

The number of IPs in their pool is about 100000 IPs daily in 79 countries and they claim to have over 1 million IPs monthly. It has 3 types of proxies including residential, data center, and mobile. 

Astroproxy also uses the Single Window model and has gathered all proxies and their settings on a single webpage. 

They also offer a simple registration via email along with a free proxy test with all functions.

However, it still has some drawbacks. 

They don’t offer static IP addresses. So, you can only buy rotating residential proxies from them. In addition, proxy pools are unequal in different countries. 

4. Socksv5

Socksv5 is a professional SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy service. It’s not as big as other proxy providers but still has some advantages that we should take a look to try. 

They have proxies available in 149 countries and provide 3 payment methods including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Perfect Money USD. 

Socksv5 also has a refund plan for users along with their conditions. So you need to read their terms of use carefully before using Socksv5 proxy for your tasks. 

Now let’s look at the price for each subscription plan here. 

Socksv5 Payments

To understand how to use Socksv5 proxy, reading their guidance is vital and helps you avoid issues during use. 

However, you can not use this type of proxy for email marketing, spam, or everything related to this subject.

5. TrueSocks

TrueSocks has been a professional socks proxy service since 2008. Their Socks proxy server is using the Socks4, Socks4a, and Socks5 protocols.  

They own proxy pool of non-public, residential proxies with static and dynamic IPs; and have proxies available in more than 100 countries. 

TrueSocks accepts 4 payment methods including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Perfect Money USD. 

TrueSocks Subscription Plans

They also offer free demo accounts but just only for testing purposes. So, they cannot be used as Member Accounts and also have a limited time use of 24 hours. You can just only ask for a free demo account once. 


There is no way can ensure which one will be suitable for your specific tasks but testing and using it by yourself. You should start from the needs of your task. For example, if you want to seek proxy service provider for web scraping, 911 proxy is still not the best option even if it operated again. Expensive proxy will not work effectively if it’s not suitable for your task. 

Only using proxy already enough to avoid being detected? The answer is no.


You can change the IP but still are detected by websites through cookies, device fingerprinting, and other ways. So, you will need to combine with an antidetect browser like Hidemyacc to help you hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile, supporting users to access the internet with multiple accounts without being detected. 

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