9 best free browser fingerprint testing tools

If you think you’re safe on the Internet, think again. 

Because most of your activities on the Internet are tracked by websites using different methods including collecting cookies, tracking IP,... to get your data for mostly their advertising purpose. Getting browser fingerprint is one of those which is more accurate and powerful techniques to track you.

If you’re not convinced, let the browser fingerprint testing tools below blow your mind. They can help you recognize how “naked” you are through the eyes of websites. They will show you a lot of different parameters that reveal part of your software and hardware’s configuration. 

Leaking browser fingerprint not only affects your security on the Internet but also has a major impact on those making money online (MMO) to farm multiple accounts. Because they need to change their IP and browser fingerprint to avoid being detected by websites. 

To solve this “puzzle”, you first need to know which part of your browser fingerprint is leaked. From that, you can find a suitable solution to fix some or all of the elements in your browser fingerprint. 

This article covers the 9 best free browser fingerprint testing tools and suggests a solution for you at the end. 

Let’s dive deep into it! 

1. BrowserLeaks

Just like its name, this browser fingerprint testing tool displays some kind of leaked personal data and provides related articles. Those articles give you some useful information to help you understand each part clearly and deeply in your browser fingerprint and ways how to protect yourself better on the Internet.

For example, when I click on WebGL Report, this site shows not only the information but the articles related to WebGL at the end. You can see that in the photo below.

Check WebGL Report on best free browser fingerprint testing tool BrowserLeaks

This website checks 12 factors including:

  • IP Address
  • JavaScript
  • WebRTC Leak Test
  • Canvas Fingerprinting
  • WebGL Report
  • Font Fingerprinting
  • Geolocation API
  • Features Detection
  • Content Filters
  • Java Applet
  • Flash Player
  • Silverlight

If you want to check one in those or all, just click on the header. For example, when I check Content Filters, the site shows me this.

Check Content Filters and Proxy Detection on best free browser fingerprint testing tool BrowserLeaks

As you can see, it checks quite carefully with different sections like Network Filters Detection, Local Content Filters even consists of Tor Browser Detection and Adblock Detection. 

Just keep in mind to read their Privacy Policy first before doing anything to make sure your data will not be collected by third-party services. 

2. AmIUnique

If you want to check whether your browser fingerprint is unique or not, then this website is for you. 

The purpose of Am I Unique is not only to provide information about your configuration but also to study the diversity of browser fingerprints. So they collect the data and give them to the developers' team to design a better solution for users. 

If you want to test your browser fingerprint, just click on the button View my browser fingerprint on the home page. Before doing that, remember that they will collect your browser fingerprint and put a cookie on your browser for 4 months. Consider and be careful before making a decision. You can read more about which information of your fingerprint will be collected and more in their Privacy Policy

In case you click on that button, there has a question “Are you unique?” and this website will answer it. For me, it shows like this “Yes! You are unique among the 1019941 fingerprints in our entire dataset”. The website also shows the proportion of users having the same elements or entries as you. The more users in this website’s dataset have the same one as you, the higher the percentage is. 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool AmIUnique

As you can see, it reveals “your OS, browser, browser version as well as your timezone and preferred language”. Besides, this website also provides detected information which is divided into 2 main sections including HTTP headers attributes and Javascript attributes

Check HTTP headers attributes on best free browser fingerprint testing tool AmIUnique
Check Javascript attributes on best free browser fingerprint testing tool AmIUnique

In each section, there have several attributes they detect from you such as screen configuration, WebGL, audio formats,... 

Moreover, this website also has a feature to download your fingerprint or their browser extension in case you’d like to use them. 

3. Cover Your Tracks

Cover Your Tracks (formerly Panopticlick) helps you realize how you appear to trackers and if you’re using any protective measures, then you can see how they change your browser fingerprint parameters. 

Better than that, it also provides short informative paragraphs and long articles that broaden your horizon to understand thoroughly each element. It also has simple suggestions regarding how to protect you betterwith some solutions like Using a Tracker Blocker, Disabling JavaScript,... 

There is a button Test Your Browser lying on the left side. Click on that to test your browser fingerprint. 

From my point of view, it has the most thorough instruction compared to others to guide you such as how to read your report, how can trackers track you,.. 

At the very first of your general result, it will show how you are unique among tested users in the past 45 days. Below are the detailed results that they gathered about your browser fingerprint such as web headers, user agent, browser plugin details, and time zone,... 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool CoverYourTracks

4. Device Info 

This website can test several browser fingerprint metrics that you may never think about before. They are divided into different sections with many details. Just click on this website, then you will be surprised about it. 

On the left side, there has an alphabet column which is easier for you to find and choose what you want to see.

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool Device Info

However, this website collects only the usual HTTP server access log from you. Thus, if you agree with this, you can comfortably check on this website.

5. CreepJS

Not like other websites, CreepJS is created on GitHub. You can read more information about this project here https://github.com/abrahamjuliot/creepjs to understand things written in the report and other related helpful information. 

The analysis of browser fingerprint on CreepJS covers lots of detailed information about each element. And it is obviously easy to read because of having a simple interface. 

Same as Am I Unique, this website also displays the proportion of users having the same elements. Besides, it shows a crowd-blending score which means that it “scores how well certain fingerprints blend in with others.”

This photo below will help you visualize easier. 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool CreepJS

6. BrowserSPY

BrowserSPY is long established around 1999 by Henrik Gemal. In case you have any questions about this tool, don’t worry, there has a FAQ that you can reach out to or contact directly to him via email. 

Not like most other tools, your browser fingerprint test will not appear immediately and display all once you click on this website. If you want to check a certain element, click on it in the alphabet column on the left side. 

Then you will find out what you need. 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool BrowserSPY

7. Leaks Radar

Just click on this website, and you will see some basic information such as IP Address, OS, browser, languages, cookies, and so on. If you’d like to know more about other detailed information, remember to click on START RIGHT NOW

This website divides your information into a few parts such as IP Address, Geolocation API, WebRTC, Screen Information,.. Each part has the button MORE DETAILS. Click on it if you want to see more. 

In the Fingerprints section, it has some topics related to browser fingerprint knowledge. 

For example, I click on Canvas. There has a site showing me what Canvas Fingerprint is and recommends a solution how to protect against “Canvas Fingerprint” identification. That information surely sparks you some hints to protect you better on the Internet. 

Canvas Fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool Leaks Radar

In the section below, you can see the solutions they give for WebRTC leaks. 

WebRTC leak solutions on best free browser fingerprint testing tool Leaks Radar

8. Pixelscan

The vision of Pixelscan is to “detect Internet bots and manually-controlled browsers with irregular connections between browser fingerprint parameters.”

For your information, this website does not track you but they employ Clicky for their website analytics. Blacklist Clicky if you don’t want.

This website is quite common with detailed information divided into parts including location, geolocation, time and language, navigator, screen, fonts, and hardware fingerprints. Moreover, they check your OS, browser, and browser version also. They will come to final conclusion about whether your browser fingerprint is consistent or not. 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool Pixelscan

9. Iphey

Have you ever questioned whether your digital identity looks trustworthy or not? Head to this website immediately to check. 

It shows you an overview conclusion at the very top of the site. Below is the detailed information for parts consisting of browser, location, IP address, hardware, and software. 

Check your browser fingerprint on best free browser fingerprint testing tool Iphey

Now, you surely realize how risky you are on the Internet. No matter whether you are a normal individual who wants to protect your privacy or a digital marketer who needs to change the browser fingerprint for each account to run ads or anyone else, you’re probably seeking the best solution for this, right? Come to the last part. 

How to hide your real browser fingerprint? 

To be honest, there are some ways discussed to prevent browser fingerprint like using some extensions or plug-ins like NoScript (disable JavaScript), using Tor or Incognito mode,..  

However, disabling JavaScript affects poorly your web browsing experience. And Tor Browser is also launched with JavaScript enabled. You see it now, right? With regard to Incognito mode, you can’t still escape from tracking. It just doesn’t save or clear your data when browsing but websites can still collect your browser fingerprint’s characteristics like user agent, screen resolution, canvas fingerprint,... 

Therefore, the best solution recommended here is hiding your real browser fingerprint without blocking it by using an antidetect browser. It will help you spoof all sets of parameters for each profile. So, you can still browse the web well without worrying about leaking your personal data. 

If you’re not convinced, how about watching this video to know the difference between the original computer browser parameter and when using Hidemyacc. You will see how this changes. 

Final Thoughts 

Generally speaking, each browser fingerprint testing tool is just a reference source. Because you know, it's all relative. In case you’re doing important tasks for your work, use different tools to compare and make sure. This will be better than using just only one. Keep in mind to hide your browser fingerprint to protect yourself or do your work by using an antidetect browser. 

Come back to share with us if you apply it successfully. You’re always welcome at Hidemyacc. 

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