AdsPower Review - Does it provide a high-quality antidetect browser?


Antidetect browser not only changes your browser fingerprint parameter but also offers many features help you to manage multiple accounts on the same device. When it comes to choosing your tool, there are many options, so which is the most suitable tool for you?

Let's take a look at our honest review of the antidetect browser AdsPower to see if it meets your needs and can become your trusted tool.

I. Adspower in-depth review

Adspower positions itself as a top-tier antidetect browser, particularly beneficial for social media activities such as managing multiple Facebook accounts. Let’s take a look to see how it can assist you in creating multiple accounts on the same device.

1. OS-Supported Download

AdsPower is available for download on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This broad compatibility makes it accessible for users regardless of the computer they use, ensuring convenience for those who switch between devices

Additionally, AdsPower offers a free plan with up to 5 profiles. This allows users to try out its features without any cost, making it a great choice for anyone looking to manage their social media accounts securely and easily.

With its support for various operating systems and a free plan, AdsPower is clearly designed to be user-friendly and accessible for social media management.

2. Adspower’s Key Features

2.1. Browser fingerprint configuration

AdsPower supports 2 browser sources are SunBrowser (which is built on Chromium core) and FlowerBrowser (which is built on Firefox core). Users can create profiles on 5 different OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and IOS which brings them many options to customize browser fingerprints according to their needs.

When you click the "New browser fingerprint" button, AdsPower will generate a new browser fingerprint with slight variations. Users can also add cookies and extensions to these profiles. However, AdsPower does not come with pre-installed extensions. Instead, you need to download the desired extensions from the Chrome Web Store and upload them to your profiles.

2.2. Proxy Integration

AdsPower allows users to add proxies to a storage list for easy management. When creating a new profile, you can select a proxy from this list to add to the profile. Additionally, AdsPower promotes various proxy providers, but it does not offer any discount codes for proxies to its users.

2.3. Teamwork

AdsPower supports teamwork by enabling users to create groups and manage permissions for each account. This feature is particularly useful for businesses or teams that need to share resources. You are allowed to assign permissions to functions for the user group.
For example, this user can open, export, move profiles, create/delete/ or share profiles,...

Users can share or transfer profiles to other AdsPower users, making collaboration easier and more efficient. This ensures that team members can manage profiles and work together seamlessly.

2.4. Automation

AdsPower provides no-code automation features, allowing users to create automation scripts without any programming knowledge. You can select from available commands to build these scripts. AdsPower also offers many pre-made scripts that users can utilize for free, enhancing its automation capabilities and making repetitive tasks simpler to manage.

The Synchronizer feature in AdsPower allows users to synchronize actions across all open profiles. This means that any action performed in one profile can be simultaneously copied to other profiles. This feature ensures consistency and efficiency, especially when managing multiple profiles at once. It helps maintain uniformity and saves time by automating repetitive tasks across all profiles.

3. Adspower Pricing Plan

3.1. Free Plan

Although AdsPower offers a free plan with 5 profiles, it comes with many limitations. Additionally, this small number of profiles is insufficient for users to thoroughly evaluate the tool's quality. AdsPower also has a trial plan, but it costs $14 to try. So, does AdsPower truly provide a good deal for users?

3.2. Custom Plan

AdsPower offers plans that include 10 profiles, 50 profiles, 100 profiles, and more. These options make AdsPower suitable for both personal use and business use, providing flexibility to meet different needs and scale according to your requirements.

II. Adspower pros and cons

1. Pros

  • No-coded automation: Users can easily create many automation scripts to handle lots of accounts just by arranging available commands. No IT skills are needed, so even beginners can use it.
  • Free Plan: While most antidetect browsers only give a free trial, AdsPower offers users a free plan with lifetime access to five profiles. However, this plan has its limits. It's good for checking out AdsPower, but it might not be enough for serious work. They also have small plans with 10 and 50 profiles, suitable for personal or business use.
  • Synchronizer: This feature is like automation but even more convenient. It's a special tool that helps you manage multiple accounts at the same time and syncs actions across all your open profiles in AdsPower.

2. Cons

  • Limited profile transfer support: While AdsPower does allow users to transfer profiles from other antidetect browsers, this feature is restricted to Dolphin Anty, Gologin, and Multilogin. This limitation may prove inconvenient for users who prefer alternative platforms.
  • No free proxies in apps: AdsPower does not provide free proxies for their plans. Although they integrate various proxy providers into their app, they do not offer any exclusive promo codes or support free proxies for users.
  • Unfriendly interface: Despite AdsPower's modern UX/UI design, it lacks user-friendliness due to an overwhelming display of information. This can leave newbies feeling overwhelmed when first using the app. In addition to optimizing its features, AdsPower should also focus on streamlining its interface to provide the best user experience possible.
  • No support for importing bookmarks or available extensions: AdsPower does not allow users to add bookmarks to profiles. Furthermore, when adding extensions, users must upload them manually, as AdsPower does not offer a selection of system-available extensions.

These cons can become drawbacks when using AdsPower. If you are considering a new antidetect browser, Hidemyacc is a reasonable choice with many features that can address these disadvantages. Additionally, you can use the Magic Link feature in Hidemyacc to transfer profiles from AdsPower to Hidemyacc while maintaining the same work environment.

III. Hidemyacc - Your top-choice antidetect browser

Hidemyacc provides a range of features to help you create a secure environment for managing multiple accounts on the same device. It's compatible with various websites and offers everything you need from an antidetect browser. Let's compare Hidemyacc and AdsPower.

1. Hidemyacc downloading and support

Hidemyacc supports downloads on both Windows and MacOS, providing users with flexibility in their choice of operating system. Hidemyacc provides a live chat in-app and on websites with 24/7 support.

2. Hidemyacc features

Let’s see how Hidemyacc can assist you in creating and managing multiple accounts on the same device.

2.1. Custom browser fingerprint

Hidemyacc allows users to custom browser fingerprint parameters for each profile according to their needs such as OS, browser, screen resolution, font, and language,... These parameters are always updated to the latest versions.

Moreover, Hidemyacc allows you to add extensions, cookies, and bookmarks to profiles. They offer about 700 available extensions to choose from or you can upload your own extensions.

2.2. Setup profile default

This feature enables users to set default parameters for profiles. If no changes are made to the parameters when creating new profiles, the system will generate profiles with the default settings.

2.3. Team member

Users can create unlimited sub-accounts with the Team Member feature and assign access permissions. Each plan includes a specific number of free sub-accounts:

  • Base plan: 1 free sub-account
  • Team plan: 3 free sub-accounts
  • Business plan: 5 free sub-accounts

2.4. Proxy Manager

Hidemyacc's Proxy Manager simplifies proxy management, allowing users to add, save, and mass-add proxies for multiple accounts simultaneously.

2.5. Proxy Store

The Proxy Store displays trustworthy proxy providers with discount codes for Hidemyacc users, offering high-quality proxies at discounted prices. (from 5% - 20%).

2.6. Magic Link

Profiles can be transferred from any antidetect browser or browser to Hidemyacc via a single URL, allowing users to replicate their environment easily.

After creating profiles, you need to export cookies from the old profile and import them into the new profile created on Hidemyacc

2.7. Automation

Hidemyacc provides no-code automation, enabling you to easily create automation scripts by dragging and dropping commands, without requiring IT knowledge. This feature can record user actions on websites in real-time and export them as automation scripts. If you have self-coded scripts, you can import them into Hidemyacc profiles. Moreover, there are around 30 available scripts for different sites that you can explore.

3. Hidemyacc Pricing plan

Hidemyacc offers five different packages to choose from, starting at the lowest price of $5 per month. If you opt for an annual package, you can receive a 50% discount compared to the monthly plan.

The plans are as follows:

  • Starter plan: $10 for 5 profiles per month ($5 per month with the annual package), or $29 for 30 profiles per month ($15 per month with the annual package).
  • Base plan: $49 for 100 profiles per month ($25 per month with the annual package).
  • Team plan: $99 for 300 profiles per month ($49 per month with the annual package).
  • Business plan: $199 for 1000 profiles per month ($99 per month with the annual package).
  • Share plan: $5 per month ($3 per month with the annual package).

Additionally, Hidemyacc offers customizable packages tailored to your specific needs.

IV. Hidemyacc vs Adspower Recap

Both Hidemyacc and AdsPower offer cutting-edge antidetect browser technology along with excellent service and a range of useful features. However, while these tools share similarities, each possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses. We've prepared a brief summary chart to help you make a fair comparison.

Comparison AdsPower Hidemyacc
Friendly-user UX/UI Modern UX/UI but overwhelmed with information User-friendly interface with clear design for each feature
Set up profile default Yes Yes
Quickly create profile Yes, but limited to free plan Yes, available from the Base package
Proxy Manager Yes Yes
Proxy Store No Exclusive promo code for Hidemyacc users (5% to 20%)
Free proxy in app No Yes, with a wide range of choices
Transfer profile from other antidetect Only supports transferring profiles from Dolphin Anty, Gologin, and Multilogin Magic Link helps transfer profiles from any antidetect to Hidemyacc
2FA Yes Yes
No-code automation Yes Yes
Record user action No Yes, after recording, the system will create automation scripts according to user actions
Synchronizer Yes No
Extensions management Only supports self-imported extensions Offers about 700 extensions to be directly added to profiles

In conclusion, here is something you should closely examine when comparing Hidemyacc and AdsPower:

  • UX/UI: Hidemyacc stands out with its user-friendly interface and robust customization options. With the ability to create custom browser fingerprints for each profile, users can tailor their settings to match their specific needs.
  • Extension, cookies, and bookmarks management: Hidemyacc's support for adding extensions, cookies, and bookmarks provides users with added flexibility and convenience. You can choose available extensions to add to your profiles instead of uploading from your computer.
  • Transfer profiles from other antidetect browsers: The Magic Link feature allows you to transfer profiles from any antidetect browser via a single URL, maintaining the same working environment. This feature is not limited to Multilogin, Gologin, or Dolphin Anty.
  • Free proxy and discount code: Hidemyacc not only provides free proxies starting from the Base plan but also offers exclusive discount codes for Hidemyacc users from many proxy providers.
  • No-code automation: Both AdsPower and Hidemyacc have no-code automation features, which are convenient for non-IT users. You just need to use the available commands to create your own scripts. Additionally, Hidemyacc offers recording features, enabling you to record real-time actions on websites and export them as automation scripts.

Besides, when it comes to price, here is something you can consider. While AdsPower offers a free plan with 5 profiles, this plan has many limitations. If you need to manage your accounts effectively, the paid plans are the better choice.

AdsPower may seem cheaper for smaller plans, such as 10 or 50 profiles. However, AdsPower does not include free sub-accounts for team members, requiring an additional $5 per account. For larger plans, such as 100 or 300 profiles, Hidemyacc becomes more cost-effective, as it includes free sub-accounts, saving you money in the long run.

Hidemyacc’s Pricing Plan

AdsPower's Pricing for 300 profiles and 3 Team Member seats

AdsPower's Pricing for 1000 profiles and 5 Team Member seats

If you need to manage a large team with numerous profiles, Hidemyacc is a more cost-effective choice with more features compared to AdsPower.

V. Conclusion

AdsPower and Hidemyacc are advanced antidetect browsers that come equipped with various useful features like Automation, Proxy Management, Team Member,... These tools help you create a clean environment to create and manage multiple accounts on the same device without being detected.

AdsPower is a solid choice for managing multiple accounts, but its limitations in the free plan and additional costs for team members can be a drawback. For a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution, especially for larger teams, Hidemyacc stands out with its array of features and competitive pricing.

To experience the benefits of this combination, download Hidemyacc now and start your 7-day trial.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support. We're here to assist you.

Download Hidemyacc and get your 7-day trial with 30 profiles!
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