An updated look at Webshare: Proxy performance evaluation


Ever feel like the internet is watching your every move? Not cool, right? Well, that's where proxies come in! Think of them like incognito sunglasses for your browsing – a way to explore the web anonymously and with a little more freedom.

In this review, we'll checkout Webshare, a proxy provider promising online anonymity and access to geo-restricted content. Can Webshare truly empower you to navigate the web like a digital ninja? Let's find out!

What is Webshare?

Webshare is the technology company in lawful-use enterprise proxy services, enabling deep data collection, aggregation, and analysis for businesses across the globe.

Businesses use proxies provided by Webshare for various purposes such as: market research, price comparison, data aggregation, malware analysis and more.

Webshare's main features

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential and Datacenter proxy
IP Pool 30M+ IPs
IP Location 190+ countries
Filter/Target Country, city
Proxy Protocol HTTP or SOCKS5
IP Rotation Rotating and Static proxy
Price sample - Static residential proxy: From $6.00/20 proxies/month or $7.00/GB/month
- Rotating residential proxy: From $46,86/month
- Datacenter proxy: From $2.99/month
- Rotating datacenter proxy: From $26.13/month
Price Charged Bandwidth and IP
Payment Method Via Card
Authentication Username & password
Speed High
Free Trial Yes
Refund Policy No
Support Email, Facebook

Webshare's Pricing Plans

Webshare offers a diverse range of proxies at budget-friendly rates. Customers purchasing proxies in bulk or by data volume can benefit from exclusive discounts.

Webshare provides Proxy Servers, which are proxy Datacenters. After successfully registering an account, you will be able to use 10 free Datacenter proxies with a fixed bandwidth of 1 GB.

Proxy Server costs start at $2.99 for 100 proxies with limited capacity. If you buy larger quantity, you will get unlimited bandwidth.

With static residential proxies, Webshare splits into different proxy packages with as low as $6.00 for 20 proxies for 1 month and over 60 subnets. Support SOCKS5 và HTTP. You will get cheaper prices if you buy in bulk.

Besides, Webshare also provides residential proxies calculated by bandwidth. The price will be a little higher than a static residential proxy. Wide IP pool and over 130k subnets. These proxies also support SOCKS5 protocol.

In addition to the existing proxy packages, you can choose a custom package to set up a specific number. Prices will vary if you choose additional features.

In the Proxy Server or Static Residential section, you can choose to configure Rotating Proxy. Then set up the number of accessible IPs and bandwidth. Pricing will start at $26.13 for rotating datacenter proxies and $46.86 for residential proxies.

Set up Webshare in Hidemyacc

In this section, I'll guide you through setting up Webshare in your Hidemyacc profile. Let's start by generating Webshare.

Generating Webshare

Step 1: Sign up for a Webshare account and place your order for the desired proxies

Step 2: After successful registration, you will be navigated to the Proxy list section. Here, you have received 10 free datacenter proxies. Then select Upgrade to buy proxy

Step 3: Enter your proxy details. For Proxy Server or Static Residential, you can choose Rotating Proxy

Next, you fill in other information including location of proxy, refresh proxy or not, additional features. Once completed, proceed to the payment step.

Step 4: In the Proxy List section, copy the parameters one by one according to the format IP/Host:Port:Username:Password to match the Hidemyacc format.

Setting up Hidemyacc Profiles

Now, let's proceed to configure Webshare in your Hidemyacc profiles. If you don't already have a Hidemyacc account, download the application and register to avail the 7-day trial with 30 profiles.

After registering your Hidemyacc account, click on the "New Profile" button in the menu bar to create a new profile. Name your profile and select the user agent. It's recommended to choose the same operating system as your real machine for optimal performance.

Navigate to the "Proxy" section and select "Your Proxy." Add the proxies generated from Webshare. Click on the "Check" button to verify the status of the proxy. Finally, click on "Create" to complete the setup. You now have a new Hidemyacc profile configured with Webshare

Webshare's performance testing

Evaluating proxy quality requires performing location and speed testing. A proxy when installed into a Hidemyacc profile will automatically initialize with IP Fighter, a website that evaluates many aspects of your IP address, such as country, ISP, DNS leaks, WebRTC, and listing status. black. IP Fighter assigns proxy scores, with higher scores reflecting increased reliability.

When Webshare is allocated to Hidemyacc profiles, the assessment reveals that this IP address has been flagged by 2 out of 117 websites listed in IP Fighter's databases. Nonetheless, this should not present a problem if these websites are not essential for your needs.

However IP Fighter detects that the browser is using a proxy, it can cause several problems:

  • Restricted Access. Many websites block access to users who are using proxies as a security measure. Users may be unable to access certain content or services while using a proxy.

  • Certain features or services may be disabled or limited for users accessing the website through a proxy server

  • Using a proxy can sometimes pose security risks, as it can expose users to potential privacy breaches or malicious activities

Evaluating the speed of proxies is just as crucial to assess their quality. To gauge download and upload speeds, consider visiting or

It may be slightly higher than optimal for some users, especially for applications requiring low latency, such as online gaming or real-time communication. However, for general browsing and most online activities, this latency should still provide a satisfactory user experience.

The download speed and upload speed are impressive, indicating that the proxy server can support high-bandwidth activities such as streaming HD video, large file downloads, and video conferencing with ease.

This proxy seems very suitable for users looking for fast Internet access. However, it will be limited to some websites that block proxies.

Webshare's pros and cons


  • Extensive IP Network: Webshare boasts an expansive database comprising over 1 million IP addresses spread across 190 countries. This wide array enables users to easily locate the desired IP from any country or region of their preference. With continuous updates, Webshare ensures the constant expansion of its IP pool to cater to diverse user needs.

  • User-Friendly Interface: At Webshare, users are greeted with an intuitive dashboard and user interface, making it accessible even for novices. The design prioritizes user experience, aiming to simplify the process of creating proxies. They have a Dashboard section to analyze data about the proxies you have used.

  • Competitive Pricing Structure: Webshare adopts a pricing model based on data volume (GB) and bandwidth usage. As users scale their purchases, the cost per GB/proxy decreases, offering a cost-effective solution for varying user requirements. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option available, Webshare strives to strike a balance between affordability and quality service.


One disadvantage of Webshare is that the browser will be detected as using a proxy. That causes restrictions when accessing websites and security-related issues


Selecting the right proxy can pose a daunting challenge, especially amidst the multitude of options available.

Integrating Webshare with Hidemyacc empowers you to alter your browser's fingerprint and IP address seamlessly, facilitating unrestricted website access. With this integration, managing multiple accounts on a single device becomes effortless.

Unleash the potential of Webshare with Hidemyacc through our complimentary 7-day trial, granting full access to all features. Download Hidemyacc now and configure Webshare to embark on a seamless and undetectable online journey.

Download Hidemyacc and get your 7-day trial with 30 profiles!

For any inquiries, feedback, or suggestions, our dedicated support team is accessible via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. We stand ready to assist you at every turn.

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