Best Proxy Providers of 2022

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A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client (for example, your computer) and the service (for example, some Internet site) that the client requests access to. Therefore, it helps prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network.

Benefits of using Proxy Server

Proxies come with several undeniable benefits that can give you an advantage:

  1. Enhanced security: Proxy Server can act as a firewall between your systems and the internet. Without them, hackers have easy access to your IP address, which they can use to infiltrate your computer or network.
  2. Private browsing, watching, listening, and shopping: Use different proxies to help you avoid getting inundated with unwanted ads or the collection of IP-specific data.
  3. Access to location-specific content: You can designate a proxy server with an address associated with another country so it will make you look like you are in that country and gain full access to all the content computers in that country are allowed to interact with.
  4. Prevent employees from browsing inappropriate or distracting sites: You can use it to block access to websites that run contrary to your organization’s principles.

Proxy Types


HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and is the foundation of any data exchange across the internet. It is a connectionless text-based protocol that allows fetching resources, like HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or other scripting languages, like CSS, and transmitting from web servers to web browsers. Even with the introduction of SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS remain the most popular proxies. The difference between HTTP vs. HTTPS is that the former is a non-secured proxy while the latter is a secured proxy.

HTTP proxy is specifically made for HTTP connections and operates via the same client-server model. Like any other regular proxy, it also acts as an intermediary: HTTP proxy stands between a server and a client (web browser) by transmitting requests and delivering the resource back to the client in HTTP format.

HTTP and HTTPS offer a wide range of applications, including:

  • Filtering out some types of text, for example, heavy banners that might slow down website speeds.
  • Limiting connection speeds
  • Keeping logs of web visitors and monitoring traffic.
  • Caching downloaded media to enhance website performance.
  • Restricting access to some web resources, for example, adult sites.


SOCKS stands for Socket Secure, a networking protocol that routes network traffic through a firewall and is commonly used for traffic-intensive tasks, like content streaming or P2P sharing. SOCKS uses a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection that is designed to send and receive data packets across the internet, as well as to guarantee successful delivery of resources over networks.

When using SOCKS proxies, the internet traffic is routed through a proxy server via TCP connection on behalf of a client. Just like most other proxy types, SOCKS proxies hide the client’s IP address and serve when bypassing geo-restrictions.

SOCKS proxies offer a wide range of applications:

  • SOCKS proxies have fewer errors and inaccuracies and boost overall performance.
  • Providing faster and more reliable internet connections.
  • Circumventing internet blocks such as IP bans.
  • Enhancing faster download speeds in P2P sharing websites.

Public Proxy (Free Proxy)

A Public Proxy is accessible by anyone free of charge. It works by giving users access to its IP address, hiding their identity as they visit sites. When you use a Public Proxy, you also run an increased risk of having your information accessed by others on the internet. So never use Free Proxy while doing MMO, unless you want to lose all your money and accounts.

Forward Proxy

A Forward Proxy sits in front of clients and is used to get data to groups of users within an internal network. When a request is sent, the Proxy Server examines it to decide whether it should proceed with making a connection.

Transparent Proxy

There’s no added privacy or security with a Transparent Proxy. When you use one, web servers receive your actual IP address, and they also can tell that you are connecting via a proxy.

Anonymous Proxy

An Anonymous Proxy will identify itself as a Proxy, but it won’t pass your IP address to the website – this helps prevent identity theft and keep your browsing habits private. Websites will receive a fake IP address instead of your actual one.

High Anonymity Proxy

This is a step up from regular Anonymous Proxy. The fundamentals are the same, except high anonymity proxies also disguise your use of the proxy itself. A website won’t be able to detect that you’re using a proxy if you use one of these.

Best Proxies Providers of 2022


Proxy type : Residential

Price : $28

IP number : not stated

Geographic coverage : 190+ countries

Free Trial : none

911 S5 proxy is a residential proxy network that sends requests via residential IPs. The 911 S5 proxies are Socks5 proxies. This anonymous browsing proxy provider has millions of residential IPs in its pool and is regularly updated to make sure the clean is devoid of bad IPs.


Proxy type : Residential

Price : 450$ per month

IP number : 2,521,459

Geographic coverage : 50+ countries

Free Trial : none

GeoSurf is the best residential proxies provider for scraping. GeoSurf is a marketing tool that combines a proxy and a VPN service for people that need to target specific locations or regions for advertising campaigns. You will be able to see your websites or advertising campaigns as if you were sitting in a home in the region where you placed the website or ad using their GeoSurf software.


Proxy type : Residential, Static residential, Data center, Mobile

Price : 450$ per month

IP number : 72,000,000+

Geographic coverage : 200+ countries

Free Trial : none

Luminati positions itself as one of the leaders in the proxy browser services market. Luminati is the most advanced open-source proxy management software that allows you to easily manage your proxies without requiring coding. Residential IP proxies were first provided by the Luminati company. All residential IPs known today were collected by Luminati


Proxy type: Mobile

Price: 90EUR per month

IP number : Unlimited

Geographic coverage : 5 (US, Germany, UK, Israel and Austria)

Free Trial : 24 hours

The Social Proxy is one of the biggest mobile browser proxy providers, developing and producing residential 4G proxies. The Social Proxy was designed to solve online identities issues and enable users to safely perform complex operations such as automation, crawling, scrapping, and more.


Proxy type: Datacenter, Residential

Price: $180 per month

IP number : 102,367,458+

Geographic coverage : 185 countries

Free Trial : none

Oxylabs is the best Residential Proxies for large-scale data gathering. This is one of the best solutions for commercial purposes. Oxylabs has more than 100 million residential IPs spread all over the world. If you're looking for a proxy server to assist you with business intelligence, brand protection, marketing research, and ad verification, Oxylabs is the one for you.


Proxy type: Private, Shared

Price: 15$ per month

IP number : 120,000+

Geographic coverage : 7 countries

Free Trial : none

SSLPrivateProxy is known for its premium proxy services for dedicated usage. Their extended proxy network is also a great feature if you want to buy geo-specific IPs for classified ads websites or local SEO campaigns. They offer specialized proxy packages for shopping, advertising, social media, gaming, and other general usage proxies.


Proxy type : Datacenter, Residential

Price: $50 per month

IP number : 40,000,000+

Geographic coverage : 195+ countries

Free Trial : 7 days

Smartproxy is one of the most trusted names in the residential proxy industry today. Smartproxy provides access to a proxy network of more than 10 million IPv4 addresses in over 195 locations around the world. The Smartproxy dashboard is user-friendly and very easy to use. And they have dedicated 24/7 customer support.


Proxy type: Private, Shared

Price: $0.1 per month

IP number : 10,000+

Geographic coverage : 12 countries

Free Trial : none

The quality of proxies is completely satisfactory, they suited many tasks perfectly. Operators respond quickly and politely. Always in touch and help with any issue. They have more than 10 thousand IP addresses from 11 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Kazakhstan, USA, China, Brazil.


Proxy type: Datacenter, Residential

Price: $9 per month

IP number : not stated

Geographic coverage : 4 countries

Free Trial : 7 days is an HTTP/HTTPS high anonymity elite class proxy provider that has been in operation since 2011 and provides high-quality proxies along with a top of the class customer service. provides a premium proxy service that focuses on keeping your browsing activity secure and allows you to stream restricted services including Hulu and US Netflix.


Proxy type: Private, Shared

Price: $1.35 per month

IP number : 10,000+

Geographic coverage : 3 countries

Free Trial : none

Proxy-N-VPN is another great dedicated proxies provider! They offer dedicated static IP Proxies for high anonymity, SEO tools, and social media marketing. Proxy-N-VPN offers HTTP/HTTPS proxies running on high end, dedicated proxy servers. Their IPs are non sequential. They provide both private proxies and shared proxies. Dedicated proxies are good for Craigslist, Instagram and Ticketmaster.


There are many proxy providers on the market now, and each of them provides different types of proxies. So carefully choose the right type of proxy that is suitable for solving your specific tasks and use it with Hidemyacc to get the best result!

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