Copping Sneakers Tips 2022

Tien Nguyen

Sneakers are modern life’s most coveted and valued commodities. They already have their own “Industry” and “Community” now, with real fanatics called “Sneakerheads”.

Sneakers, especially the limited-edition ones, are in high demand, and you can make a lot of money buying and reselling them for a huge profit. However, purchasing limited-edition sneakers is one of the hardest things you can do online, especially when its release has been hyped for so long. Moreover, sneaker sites have a rule that allows an individual to buy only a pair so others can buy too. And that's the reason why you need to know about copping sneakers if you want to make a profit from it.

Copping is the act of successfully purchasing a pair of sneakers. Regardless of HOW they do it, copping is the ultimate goal of any sneakerhead. Especially when we’re talking about limited edition sneakers. If you want to have a better chance of copping the limited edition shoes successfully, sneaker bots are what you need. However, only sneaker bots are not enough. You also need proxies to use with the bots to ensure they are not banned and also enable you to make more than one purchase.

With sneaker bots and sneaker proxies, you will have the right tools to copping sneakers. Now you only need the right instructions then practice, practice, practice. We can only give you the knowledge and the right tools, your job is to practice it to perfection. Let's get started!

Tips for Copping Sneakers in 2022

Do your own research

Before you can start copping sneakers, you must plan. You need to know everything about the industry. Although so many people try to cop, not everyone is a sneakerhead. And unless you’re a real one, copping sneakers will always be tricky for you.

You should do your full research on every sneaker brand, every major designer, and every silhouette. And the results of your research will vary depending on your goal. Are you doing this to become a collector? Or are you planning on becoming a reseller?

There’s no point in copping sneakers if you are not informed on when the next sneakers will be released. The most successful sneaker coppers are always on the lookout for reading blogs, and news sites that feature news about the release of sneakers. You can join reputable Discord cook groups to have a source of information – and chit-chat – about sneaker releases.

Regardless of what your purpose of copping is, make sure you have some capital to start with. Copping sneakers will cost money. Loads of money depending on how many pairs you’re aiming for.

Here are some of the main sites for sneaker copping:

  • Supreme – the supreme new york website. It releases new items on Thursdays.
  • Demandware – Adidas (US, EU, etc.) and Yeezy Supply sites. The name stands for the platform which hosts these websites.
  • Mesh – sites like JDSports, Footpatrol, and The Hip Store that use the Mesh platform. They are located in the European Union.
  • Footsites – Footlocker, EastBay, ChampsSports, and Footaction.
  • Nike – this usually involves or the Nike SNKRS app.
  • Shopify – a large e-commerce platform with hundreds of shoe shops: Kith, Bape, JimmyJazz, and so on.

Use Sneaker bots

Sneaker bots are the first tool you need. Sneaker bots are the reason you get the “sold out” notice anytime you want to buy limited-edition sneakers. Sneaker bots increase your chances of copping a release in two ways. First, they let you check out faster than you manually could. Second, they allow getting multiple pairs from one release.

Sneaker bots are bots designed to automate the process of adding sneakers to carts and checking them out. Because this is done by a computer, it is very fast, and its execution speed cannot be matched by a human. They can be used to buy more sneakers at once because of their multitasking capabilities.

People are still able to get even the most hyped shoes without one. It helps that many retailers have moved to raffle systems – in a contest of speed, you’d stand no chance. However, humans can enter a raffle once – okay, five or ten times at most while bots can do it a hundred times. If you want to resell sneakers, bots are a must!

When it comes to bots for copping sneakers, we have specialized ones and general ones. The specialized ones are the bots meant for specific sites such as Nike bots, Adidas bots, Supreme boots, Footsites bots, and Shopify bots.

The general bots, also known as the AIO (All-in-One) bots can be used for more than one site. So should you go for an AIO bot or a specialized bot?

For economic reasons, you will be tempted to go for the AIO bots. This is because you can afford to cop more sneakers from more sites with them. However, there are some sneaker sites that need specialized bots such as Nike. And here are our sneaker bots recommendations:

Nike Shoe Bot Ghost AIO ForceCop Heatedsneaks AIO BOT
AIO Bot Better Nike Bot Supreme Hot Bot Dashe Nike Shoe Bot

Sneaker bots aren’t very affordable, that’s a sure thing! But using one you gain access to thousands of exclusive and highly profitable sneakers which would never be accessible otherwise. Therefore, money spent on a good bot is never gone to waste. Actually, if you get the right bot, it will pay you back in no time. Regardless of the bot you choose, make sure it provides support for using proxies, adding more accounts, and is multitasking.

Use Sneaker Proxies

Because sneaker sites track computers visiting them using a string of numbers known as IP addresses as identification. If a computer has been used for buying a pair, you cannot use such a computer to buy another pair even with another account details because of its IP address. That is why we need proxies.

Sneaker proxies serve as an intermediary between your computer and sneaker sites. They hide your IP address and provide you with alternative IP addresses so your sneaker bots will have multiple identities. Sneaker bots need them to manage multiple accounts and avoid getting accounts suspended. Some sneaker proxies have been made specifically for evading the anti-spam systems of sneaker sites. Others are general proxies that get the job done and won’t be detectable by these websites as proxy traffic. Here is our sneaker proxies recommendations:

Smartproxy Icedoutproxies YPP Geosurf Microleaves Smartproxy MPP Icedoutproxies

The proxies you should be close to where the sneaker site is located or its CDN – for the purpose of speed. For effectiveness, you should only use one proxy to manage an account.

Rent Sneakers Server

Running a sneaker bot can sometimes exhaust your device’s resources. And unless your PC is very powerful, your sneaker bot wouldn’t be performing at full potential.

Sneaker servers are virtual servers that you can rent and run your sneaker bot on. These servers allow you to use their power and resources, maximizing your bot’s power. Another advantage of renting a sneaker server is remote access. Moreover, you can afford to reduce latency by hosting your bot on servers close to these sites’ hosts. Imagine hosting your bot on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and trying to cop sneakers from Supreme US that is also hosted on AWS? The speed you will get will be lightning fast.

Prepare multiple credit cards

In case you do not know, you can only register one credit card per account. This is one of the ways they use in combating the act of having multiple accounts. If you’re in for reselling, you’re going to need virtual credit cards either way. These are cards you can open for a certain task and with a set allowance. They don’t require much commitment and you can take out multiple at once.

We strongly recommend you use Privacy. You only need to provide your credit card information, and it will provide you the number of alternative details you need for a successful copping. However, you can only use the service if you live in the US. People in the EU (and maybe other regions) can get Revolut.


Copping shoes is one of the most difficult purchases you can make on the internet due to the amount of traffic that all go in for the same task. Using bots gives you a better advantage and chance of successfully copping, and for an even better chance, use proxies.

Sneaker copping is hard, and it’s very unpredictable. It often feels like you’re fighting against a moving target; and when your perfect setup falls apart again, it can be downhearted. But when you finally succeed, it’s oh so rewarding. Moments like these make copping shoes worth it.

Moreover, if you use Sneaker proxies with Hidemyacc, you will have a bigger chance of successfully copping sneakers and your sneaker sites' accounts will never be detected. Hidemyacc software will help you hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile, supporting users to access and create multiple accounts on Instagram without engaging in any suspension. Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!


If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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