Gologin Antidetect Browser: Detailed reviews, Pro & Cons


Protecting your online identity is crucial when surfing the web. The antidetect browser comes into play to help you hide your true identity by creating different browser profiles. Gologin stands out as one of the first antidetect browsers on the market.

In this blog post, Hidemyacc will explore Gologin in detail to see if it's the right tool for your needs. We'll uncover its strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed decision. Let's get started!

Gologin In-Depth Review

Gologin Website: First Impression and Download Page

The website serves as the primary interface for users, providing an introduction to its features and registration procedures. Upon visiting the Gologin website, users encounter a clean and intuitive interface.

Registering for a Gologin account on their website is a simple process, requiring only an email address and password. We encountered no issues during the download and setup of the Gologin application. Furthermore, Gologin provides support for Linux in addition to Windows and MacOS operating systems. Additionally, Gologin offers a mobile version for users to access on their Android devices. But they need to download the Orbita browser to run these profiles.

Gologin’s website first impression

Gologin Download Page

Features of Gologin

Interface Impression

The interface of the Gologin application is straightforward and user-friendly, particularly for new users, with comprehensive instructions provided. However, the design may seem somewhat dated compared to other antidetect browsers available in the market. In addition to prioritizing technical advancements and feature updates, Gologin should also consider enhancing the overall user experience to ensure optimal usability of their product.

The Gologin application’s interface seems somewhat outdated

Free Trial Plan

Upon registration of new accounts, users are granted a 7-day free trial with access to 1000 profiles, a notably generous offering for a trial period. Once the trial period concludes, users have the option to select the Forever Plan, which includes 3 profiles, or opt for a new subscription by making payment.

With 1000 trial profiles, you can comfortably test Gologin. However, many users tend to use it for free, creating multiple trial accounts to utilize the resources from these 1000 profiles. The question then arises: with such a large number of trial users, does Gologin's browser fingerprint database have enough capacity to ensure that each profile has a unique set of parameters?

Browser Fingerprint Intergration

Gologin comes with ready-made profiles, so users can easily set up basic configurations like the operating system, language, screen size, and more.

When making new profiles, like other similar browsers, Gologin lets users adjust their browser's unique fingerprint. However, Gologin doesn't work with iOS, and users are unable to select specific versions of operating systems or browsers.

For instance, users can only select the Windows system without specifying the version (e.g., Windows 10 or Windows 11). Gologin probably just chooses the newest version. You can click "New fingerprint" to automatically generate new browser fingerprint parameters, but the changes might be minimal, like adjusting the screen size or fonts. 

As Hidemyacc mentioned in the Free trial part, with a package offering many profiles for trial, the likelihood of duplicate browser fingerprint parameters among these profiles is significant, and the variations between these browser fingerprints are minimal. If a user is using a Gologin profile to log in to sales accounts, YouTube channels, TikTok, etc., but encounters duplicate browser fingerprint parameters among the trial profiles, what happens? Or does Gologin use different browser fingerprint databases for each package?

Orbita is Gologin’s browser source built on Chromium, and it gets updated to the latest Chrome versions, albeit with a slight delay compared to Chrome's update schedule.

Proxy Integration

Gologin supports HTTP, Socks4, and Socks5 proxies. They also offer free proxies from five different countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. However, these proxies may not be reliable when checked on IPFighter or Pixelscan. Interestingly, when checked on IPHey, this error doesn't appear. It's possible that IPHey, being a part of Gologin, may not detect errors in profiles created within Gologin.

IP Fighter indicates that the profile uses a proxy

Result on Pixelscan

But when checking on IPHey, it can’t detect that you are using a proxy

In the Proxy section when creating a new profile, users have the option to purchase Gologin proxies. However, this is currently in beta and offers only data center proxies from about 17 countries. The number of available proxies is still limited, and using free proxies may lead to new issues, such as sharing the proxy with others, which compromises its security.

You can add a free proxy from Gologin

Multiple Accounts Management

Gologin allows users to create profiles in bulk by utilizing the multiple profile feature, although this functionality is exclusive to paid plans.

Users can share profiles with others, granting them Run, Edit, or Full access rights. Notably, Gologin stands out from many other antidetect browsers in the market by offering its mobile version. The mobile app is available for download on CHPlay and mirrors the PC experience but with a mobile interface. However, it's important to note that running multiple profiles on the mobile version is not possible due to mobile device limitations, as explained by Gologin - only one app can run at a time on mobile devices.

Gologin mobile app

Furthermore, users can create multiple workspaces within a single Gologin account. They can add other users to these workspaces and assign them rights to run, edit, or have full access to profiles within that workspace. However, to add users to a workspace, upgrading to the Business plan is required.

Gologin workspaces

Gologin’s Profile Testing

We encountered no issues when running and stopping Gologin profiles. When profiles are stopped (either by clicking the Stop button or closing the windows), the working session is saved, similar to the functionality in the antidetect browser Hidemyacc.

Gologin allows for mass editing of profiles with actions such as sharing, transferring, editing names, adding tags, proxies, extensions, and more, similar to features available in Hidemyacc.

Gologin mass editing

During testing, these profiles consistently yield positive results when checked on IPHey, even when using Gologin's free proxies. However, when checked on Pixelscan or IP Fighter, they may indicate that the profiles cannot pass due to proxy usage. As previously mentioned, this discrepancy may arise because IPHey belongs to Gologin and may not detect errors in these profiles.

Gologin’s Customer Sevices and Updates 

Gologin only offers customer support via Skype and Facebook, but response times are notably slow. Many customers from Vietnam have provided feedback indicating dissatisfaction, particularly when it comes to addressing technical issues.

Despite being one of the oldest antidetect browsers, Gologin's longevity does not necessarily translate to being the best option on the market, especially when customer satisfaction is lacking. Searching for keywords like "Gologin" on review sites such as Trustpilot and Getapp reveals numerous negative reviews, primarily centered around payment issues, concerns about data privacy, inadequate customer service, technical bugs leading to profile access issues, and more.

Gologin review on Trustpilot

Gologin review on Capterra

Customers have also reported that when using proxies, websites can still detect their real IP location, although when checked on IPHey, they appear as "green" and unflagged, in contrast to other browser fingerprint checker sites like Pixelscan.

The abundance of negative feedback regarding Gologin's service raises doubts about whether the company lives up to its self-praise. When choosing any product or service, in addition to considering pricing and quality, it's crucial to take into account customer feedback. If negative feedback is abundant, it's wise to exercise caution before committing to using the service.

Gologin Pros and Cons

Here's a summary of the pros and cons of Gologin, based on the overview provided by Hidemyacc:


  • Free profiles: Gologin stands out for its generous free trial plans. While many antidetect browsers in the market offer only 10 to 30 profiles or even lack a free trial option altogether, Gologin provides users with 1000 free profiles to use over 7 days. Although many users may not utilize all 1000 profiles, this offering allows for thorough testing before committing to a paid plan.
  • Android mobile app: Gologin has developed a mobile app, which sets it apart from many other antidetect browsers on the market. This mobile version enables remote working, as users can access their profiles from their PC or laptop on their Android mobile phones. The Orbitat browser is installed on the mobile device, allowing users to run their profiles seamlessly.


  • Lack of automation feature: Unlike many antidetect browsers in the market that offer integrated automation features, Gologin requires users to rely on its API or third-party automation applications. This can be inconvenient, especially for non-coding users who prefer a simpler approach to automating tasks.
  • No support for iOS browser: Despite developing an Android mobile app, Gologin does not support iOS browsers when creating profiles, limiting its accessibility for iOS users.
  • Unfriendly interface: While Gologin provides instructions for new users, its app interface lacks modernity and intuitiveness. Despite offering both old and new designs, they don't differ significantly, resulting in a subpar user experience.
  • Limited profile transfer support: Gologin allows profile transfers only from Dolphin Anty, which can be inconvenient for users who may prefer other platforms.
  • Quality of free profiles: While Gologin offers free proxies, testing reveals that most browser fingerprint checker sites can detect users' real IP addresses, except for IPHey. This suggests a discrepancy in the quality of the free proxies compared to those offered by competitors like Hidemyacc.
  • Inappropriate for personal use: Gologin's plans start with a minimum of 100 profiles, which may be excessive for personal use cases where fewer profiles are needed. Additionally, even the customer plan starts with a minimum of 2000 profiles, making it more suitable for larger companies.
  • Delayed customer service response: With only two support channels available, Gologin's customer service response times are often delayed, leading to discomfort for customers, especially during urgent situations.
  • Negative reviews: Gologin has received numerous negative reviews on reputable product review sites like Trustpilot, with 20% of users rating it with just one star. The prevalence of negative reviews raises questions about the quality of Gologin's products and services.

Despite being one of the oldest antidetect browsers, Gologin's market position is increasingly threatened by alternative browsers offering equivalent technology at cheaper prices, with more features and user-friendly interfaces.

Hidemyacc - The best alternative anti-detect browser to Gologin

Despite being a newer entrant in the software development arena, Hidemyacc's technology and features are on par with industry giants. Hidemyacc effectively caters to a wide range of browsing anonymity needs:

  • Creating and managing multiple accounts for various purposes such as sales, print-on-demand (POD), dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and checkout on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Redbubble, and Walmart.
  • Establishing and managing multiple accounts for advertising, seeding, spamming, and enhancing interaction on social networking platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Generating sets of airdrop accounts and accounts for web games.
  • Creating a large number of web scraping accounts to crawl data for ad spy tools, product spy tools, and other similar purposes.

Ease of Use with Hidemyacc

Compared to Gologin, Hidemyacc boasts a more modern and streamlined interface, where each function is readily accessible from the menu bar. This design enhances user experience by providing ease of use and intuitive navigation.

Additionally, Hidemyacc integrates the Proxy Store directly into the app, enabling users to quickly locate desired proxy providers and apply promo codes efficiently. This seamless integration enhances convenience and accessibility for users seeking proxy services.

Hidemyacc Core Features

Compared to Gologin, Hidemyacc offers a wide array of features that cater to various user demands:

  • Proxy Management: Hidemyacc's Proxy Manager feature simplifies proxy management with easy-to-use functionalities. Users can effortlessly add, save, and mass-add proxies for multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Profile Default Settings: Users can customize default parameters for profiles, including operating system, browser, hardware, language, screen resolution, bookmarks, and start URLs. This ensures consistency and efficiency in profile creation.
  • Cookies, Extensions, and Bookmarks Management: Hidemyacc allows users to seamlessly add cookies, extensions, and bookmarks to their profiles with just a few clicks, streamlining the customization process.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For enhanced profile security, Hidemyacc offers 2FA functionality. Users are required to enter a 2FA code when logging in from a new device, bolstering account protection.
  • Magic Link: Unlike Gologin, Hidemyacc enables profile transfers from any antidetect browser tool, including Gologin, via Magic Link functionality. This facilitates seamless migration of profiles between platforms. Users can seamlessly transfer a Gologin profile to a Hidemyacc profile with just a single link. Additionally, Hidemyacc supports profile transfers from various other anti-detect browser software on the market, as well as mainstream browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and more. You can watch the tutorial video on how to use Magic Link on Hidemyacc's official channel: 
  • Automation: Hidemyacc integrates an automation feature that empowers users to create automation scripts effortlessly, without the need for coding knowledge. Hidemyacc stands out as the first antidetect browser in the market to offer script recording capabilities, allowing users to record their actual actions and export automation scripts. Additionally, users have access to approximately 30 free automation scripts, further enhancing automation capabilities.

Team Member

While Gologin enables users to create workspaces for collaboration with team members, Hidemyacc offers a different approach by allowing users to create unlimited sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can access profiles and folders shared by the main account, and they can also utilize the main account's proxies managed in the Proxy Manager.

Hidemyacc provides a set number of free sub-accounts based on each plan:

  • Base Plan: Includes 1 free sub-account
  • Team Plan: Includes 3 free sub-accounts
  • Business Plan: Includes 5 free sub-accounts

Should users require additional sub-accounts beyond the allocated free ones, they have the option to purchase them at a rate of $3 per month per additional sub-account. This flexibility allows teams to scale their collaboration needs according to their requirements.

Automation Features

With Hidemyacc automation, you can effortlessly streamline your workflows with multiple automation scripts, even if you're not a tech whiz. Our interface is super easy to use, making it simple for anyone to figure out what steps to take next. Hidemyacc offers you 3 handy ways to create these automated tasks: 

  • Drag and drop available commands: Users can simply drag and drop available commands to create customized automation scripts tailored to their specific needs. This intuitive method allows for seamless script creation without the need for coding expertise.

  • Recording user actions: Hidemyacc can record real-time user actions on websites and export them as automation scripts. This feature simplifies the script creation process by accurately capturing user interactions with websites. You just need to click on the Start button to start recording actions on the website. 

  • Importing scripts: Users also have the option to import existing scripts written in JSON or Puppeteer format to run on Hidemyacc profiles. This flexibility allows users to leverage pre-existing scripts and integrate them into their automation workflow.

Compared to Gologin, Hidemyacc's automation feature offers numerous benefits to users, enabling them to automate tasks effortlessly, even without a background in IT. This user-friendly approach empowers users to streamline their workflows and boost productivity effectively.

Hidemyacc Supports and Updates

Hidemyacc prioritizes customer support by offering four immediate channels: live chat available on both the website and app, Telegram, Facebook, and Skype. With round-the-clock availability and swift responses, Hidemyacc promptly addresses all customer concerns. Additionally, if necessary, we employ ultraview to swiftly resolve any issues. Hidemyacc receives many positive feedbacks on review sites such as Trustpilot, and Capterra,...

Hidemyacc got 4.8 stars on Trustpilot

Furthermore, Hidemyacc consistently updates its parameters to align with the latest market trends. Whenever Chrome releases a new version, Hidemyacc promptly follows suit, typically within one week, ensuring compatibility akin to real devices. These updates occur automatically; users only need to restart the app to access the latest version of Hidemyacc.

Hidemyacc Profiles bypass browser fingerprint checker

Hidemyacc, in conjunction with the Marco browser, effectively circumvents all browser fingerprint checker websites, including Pixelscan and IPHey, while also achieving high scores on Creepjs. Its default profile settings are meticulously configured to bypass safety checks seamlessly. Each profile is meticulously designed with unique sets of browser fingerprint parameters.

Moreover, even when utilizing free proxies, Hidemyacc ensures successful bypassing of web checks for both IP and browser fingerprinting. This robust functionality underscores the platform's commitment to ensuring user anonymity and security.

Testing Hidemyacc profiles in Pixelscan

Hidemyacc profiles score on Creepjs

Testing Hidemyacc profiles in IPHey

Gologin vs Hidemyacc: Pricing Plan

Free Trial Comparison:

Hidemyacc offers a 7-day free trial with 30 profiles, while Gologin provides a 7-day trial with 1000 profiles. However, Hidemyacc includes automation features in its free trial, unlike Gologin.

Paid Plans: Entry Level

Gologin's smallest package starts at 100 profiles, whereas Hidemyacc offers more flexibility for personal use. With Hidemyacc, you can opt for the Starter plan with 5 profiles for $5/month or 30 profiles for $15/month, catering to small businesses needing an antidetect browser.

In the Starter package, Hidemyacc includes Automation features, allowing for unlimited automation scripts, a feature not available with Gologin's Forever Free plan, which only offers 3 profiles, proving quite limiting, and may not suffice for many users.

Paid Plans: Mid-Level

Both Hidemyacc and Gologin offer a Base plan with 100 profiles for $49/month. However, Hidemyacc's plan offers more features, including unlimited sub-accounts (compared to Gologin's limit of 10 team members) and automation capabilities.

Gologin Professional Plan

Hidemyacc Base Plan

Additionally, Hidemyacc provides better-quality free proxies compared to Gologin, verified through IP web checker sites like Pixelscan or IP Fighter. Additionally, users can access the Proxy Store in any plan package to purchase proxies from trustworthy providers.

Both platforms also offer a plan with 300 profiles priced at $99/month, providing access to all features, including API and automation. Hidemyacc further includes 5 free sub-accounts and doesn't restrict sharing profiles with others.

Gologin Business Plan

Hidemyacc Team Plan

Paid Plans: Top Tier & Customization

For businesses requiring extensive browsing profiles, both Hidemyacc and Gologin offer a 1000-profile plan for $199/month. Hidemyacc also allows for customized plans tailored to specific needs, including smaller profile options starting from 2000 profiles, a feature Gologin lacks.

Gologin Enterprise Plan and Customized

Hidemyacc Business and Custom Plan


In conclusion, while Gologin holds a strong position as a reputable antidetect browser in the market, Hidemyacc emerges as a compelling alternative, particularly for those seeking a more flexible antidetect browser. 

Compared to Gologin, Hidemyacc boasts a streamlined interface, facilitating seamless navigation and swift operations. Its user-friendly design ensures that each feature is easily accessible and comprehensible. Notably, Hidemyacc sets itself apart by offering Automation functionality, including the innovative Record feature, which allows users to create scripts by recording real actions on websites—a unique offering not found in other antidetect browsers.

In terms of pricing, both Hidemyacc and Gologin offer comparable pricing plans, with the option for a 50% discount on annual payments.

In terms of features, Hidemyacc introduces advanced technology capable of bypassing browser fingerprint checks and deep detection mechanisms on websites, thereby enabling users to execute strategies without hindrance. With a plethora of features designed to enhance user convenience, Hidemyacc garners positive feedback from its clientele.

In summary, selecting an antidetect browser or proxy necessitates careful consideration, prioritizing products or services that offer quality, responsive customer support, and robust features tailored to support efficient work processes.

Hidemyacc remains committed to ongoing development, continuously introducing new features and functionalities to meet the evolving needs of its user base.

To experience the benefits of this combination, download Hidemyacc now and start your 7-day trial.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support. We're here to assist you.

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