Top Anti-detect Browsers: What’s the difference between them?


Currently, browser fingerprint recognition technology is evolving at an incredible rate because it includes many different technologies and elements. You're going to need software to manage a big number of profiles and IP addresses.

The tool must be constantly updated to improve privacy and guarantee stability when running your business with multiple profiles. Until now. there's a number of options on the market. Deciding which app to use is such a ticklish decision for users who want to afford one. So we are going to dive into this topic for you to actually see the most honest truth and differences between these popular and widely-used tools.

What is an Anti-detect Browsers Tool ?

As you all know, the website system now has fingerprint recognition. In case you didn’t know what a fingerprint is, here is the explaination.

Fingerprint is a way to combine certain attributes of a device — like what operating system it is on, the type and version of web browser being used, the browser’s language setting and the device’s IP address. It is used to identify it as a unique device. For deeper understanding about device fingerprint, you can click here to refer.

Web browsers are likened as a primary gateway to access users' personal information on the web. Even if you create many browsers, all browsers still have the same fingerprint.

The core function of Anti-detect Browser is to create separate browsing environments with their own digital fingerprint and unique settings. All parameters are masking to prevent identification and detectation. But the data is not just hiding, it will make you like all the others and nobody.

As a result, when you have even thousands of profiles or accounts to run in only one computer, you will never be detected. Each profile will act like a real separate computer with completely different parameters.

Muti-login tools provide anonymity in traffic arbitration, guarantee complete security and privacy, replace browser fingerprints and allow you to work with multiple accounts at the same time in one browser with separate environment and information.

If  you want options for corporate use, it is more worth it to use Anti-detect Browser. The rising number of customers using Multi-login Tools improved outstanding benefits of these tools:

  • Higher reliability and security
  • Deeper Traffic Encryption
  • Fingerprint masking and complete anonymity
  • Newer technology application
  • Useful and convenient in teamwork
  • Best for professional work on business purposes and money-earning.

General Information of top antidetect browser nowadays

Online anonymity has become one of the main needs of the internet users. In view of these, developers from all over the world release various kinds of tools to ensure anonymity to their users.

There are several apps with similar anti-detect features in the market by now. In case you didn’t know, the four tools that are dominating the market are Multilogin, Hidemycc, GoLogin, VMLogin and Adspower.


These antidetect browsers have many things in common.

  • Manage multiple browser profiles with separate browser environments: Each tool allows you to create a new digital identity, digital fingerprint that all sites perceive as a real person. And such internet personalities can be created as many as needed in one service. This browser allows you to customize all users parameters. You are creating a new Internet personality. This functionality allows users to avoid various kinds of blocking.
  • Collaborate in a team: It is useful for teamwork because you can create multi-profiles then share to your teamate without passwords.
  • Browser fingerprint protector: Protect users from unauthorized browser fingerprinting.
  • A must-have tool for Social Media marketing, E-commerce, MMO, whatever purposes that need a big number of profiles and accounts.
  • Automation: automate repetitive tasks for easy browse automation and business workflow automation.
  • Integration with various services for more efficient work and effective results.


The differences of these four apps are mainly in the additional features and pricing politics.



Hidemyacc uses their own web browser based on Chromium engine. Websites nowadays use many modern technologies to track your profile's identity on the Internet, and one of them is viewing system fonts.

Ghosty helps create a unique profile using an individual combination of fonts and websites will never be able to detect your identity! The only thing you have to do is create a profile, Hidemyacc will automatically generate a unique identity for it!

With Ghosty anti-detect browser and Hidemyacc, you will remain anonymous and trustworthy in the eyes of every website, even Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon, Etsy... Furthermore, you can change every trackable parameter of your profile like your IP, Operating System, Browser, Timezone, WebRTC, Geolocation, and 15 more.

Moreover, you will feel more comfortable in user experiences because Hidemyacc bases on the Chrome browser interface to create the look and feel of Ghosty, so you won't meet any difficulties while using Ghosty.

Until now, Hidemyacc is reported to overtake even the 2 most popular tools: Multi Login and GoLogin in technology, user experiences and business purposes. HideMyAcc allows users to have complete control over their surfing on the Internet.

Antidetect browser Hidemyacc


Multilogin has two browsers

  • Mimic browser based on Chromium engine: Mimic is an online privacy browser developed by Multilogin company. It’s based on the Chromium engine with added browser fingerprint management capabilities. Mimic browser is only available within the Multilogin application.
  • Stealth Fox Browser based on Firefox engine: It was the first browser in the world that challenged browser fingerprinting by actively managing browser fingerprints.

Moreover, MultiLogin antidetect browser provides users with different agents:

  • IP authentication and password authentication
  • Proxy through plugins and custom DNS.
Antidetect browser Multi-login


GoLogin uses Orbita (based on Chromium) browser which is suitable for any website.

You can use this browser in 2 ways: The first is by downloading the desktop version, the second is in the cloud. The ability to run through the cloud is another advantage of GoLogin since you do not need to download anything and start to use the browser immediately after registration.

However, the cloud version has many defects. Interface is not user-friendly and harder to achieve even the most basic task. Besides, lagging conditions and internal server error usually happen, which leads to slow speed in syncing and running profiles.

Antidetect browser Gologin


With VMLogin. cookies, local storage and other cache files of each browser file will be completely isolated, and information cannot be disclosed between browser profiles. In the VMLogin virtual browser, you can edit and modify various browser parameters.

Antidetect browser VMLogin


Beside the core function of an Anti-detect Browser, Adspower is able to automate browser activities via cloud server, local API and RPA robot. They have automatic IP matching functions with multiple proxy types: noproxy, IPv6Protocols, SSH, … They also have massive useful extensions in Application centers which are self-developed for various scenarios.

Antidetect browser Adspower



  • Auto backup: Servers are backed up automatically every 24 hours. So you can recover your deleted profile or any important data.
  • Huge configuration warehouse: Continuously updating computer / smartphone parameters (iOS, Android), browser, new operating system, creating a dense data source to help users create many different types of machine parameters.
  • Cookie-bot: Use Hidemyacc's Automation feature to access a list of URLs, run a bot to visit websites, and collect cookies. Each profile securely stores your cookies and cache, allowing you to save valuable time.Cookie-bot is integrated with Automations function which helps each virtual profile to be more human when accessing to any website. This leads to more security and safer browsing action.


  • IP location checker: When you create a Multilogin browser profile, it will automatically adjust the browser fingerprints to the external public IP address or the public IP address of your proxy. So there would be the maximum consistency between the browser fingerprints and the IP address. The IP location checker doesn’t take any information from the database. It’s a live IP checker which is being updated every second.
  • The app lets you access multiple internet browsers – modified Chrome or Firefox – with different browser fingerprints.
  • Multilogin also has cookies-bot and automation functions. But these two functions are separate from each other. If users use only Cookies-bot, they may take the risk of being discovered because if the bot only accesses the website without any action, it will make the algorithm suspicious about its authenticity.


GoLogin provides separate storage of data in the cloud. Launching through the cloud increases the degree of anonymity which is an important factor today.


  • VMLogin is able to fake a lot of phone operating systems. This is an advanced feature that’s worth mentioning about this software.
  • You can even change the smallest detail of a laptop such as the type of Graphics Card, …
  • VMLogin offers users VMLogin Browser Automation Test Tool. It can perform some automatic control operations to configure the browsers for VMLogin users, such as: opening the specified page, looking for the specified position in the page to enter text/click, and executing user-defined JS script and other functions.


  • FB Advertising Report: this function is highly rate and recommend between users who are running business on Facebook
  • Paste as human Function
  • Amazon Orders Statistic Report .
  • They are also corporate with many mainstream proxy provider parties.

User experiences

Loading speed

Up to now, Hidemyacc is the app that have the fastest loading speed. They apply the most advanced technologies to reduce capacity load and increase usage speed. Any task request can be done in just a few seconds. It is several times higher than other competitors.

Even with popular softwares like MultiLogin, GoLogin, VMLogin, lagging conditions are inevitable. Users sometimes may have to take a few minutes to wait for the software to complete basic tasks.


With high contrast in color interface, clear guidance plus easy-to-see call to action button, users will easily discover how to achieve necessary tasks themselves step by step.


Hidemyacc brings smoothness in customers' journeys while they are using the software. To achieve this, Hidemyacc’s engineering team and customer service team is always available to listen to customers feedback and fix bugs immediately, continuously update the technology and improve user experiences. Online training is always available.

The number of free profiles in the trial plan of Hidemyacc are also the highest compared to other software (up to 30 profiles). This helps users have a clear view and more real experience before deciding to buy the product. They could do more work and see clearly how effectively the software could impact on their work with these 30 profiles.

Adspower splits their customer care service into different levels based on the package you buy. So if you purchased a small package, when you meet difficulty on using the software, you may not receive proper care from the Adspower team.


The overall price of Multilogin, VMLogin and GoLogin are higher than Hidemyacc and Adspower. Hidemyacc and Adspower have similar price ranges.

However, the pricing policies of Hidemyacc are more flexible compared to other softwares based on customers requirements, and meet almost every need of every customer segment. So any customers who choose Hidemyacc also receive a satisfying function package and price that are most appropriate with their use.

Up to now, Hidemyacc is the most economical choice compared to other four competitors

  • Only 15$/ month for 30 profiles with the Starter package.
  • 7 days free trial with up to 30 profiles
  • Save money with a shared package which costs only $5/month for collaboration, teamwork.

Besides, the automation function of Hidemyacc software is included from the Base package and up. You don’t have to pay any extra fee. With Adspower, disregarding any package you buy, you have to pay more for the Automation feature if you want to use it.

To compare the price between these software, you can easily search for it yourself on the Internet. All pricing packages and policies are public on each softwares’ website.

In general, to see the most obvious differences in experiences, we recommend you download the free trial of each software to try them out. After that, you could make the best decision about which software to use.


Each tool has its own strengths in features. In general, they serve well for the main purposes of browser anonymity and the common core needs of users. The main  differences are pricing and additional functions of each software.

Besides, we recommend you to read our blog about Virtual Machines vs Anti detect Browser - Multi-login Apps. You will have a better knowledge of this two software, thus can choose which one will fit best with your work.

After reading this article, hope that we helped you to choose your most appropriate product to serve the best for your work and business.

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!


If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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