How to configure Smartproxy in Hidemyacc


If you need to change your IP address, using a proxy will likely be your first choice, especially for those who manage multiple accounts and seek to enhance their privacy. However, selecting the most suitable one is not an easy task.

Smartproxy stands out as one of the most renowned proxy providers in the market and is often the preferred option for many users seeking high-quality proxies. In this blog post, Hidemyacc will guide you on how to setup Smartproxy in Hidemyacc profile and test its performance. Let's dive in!

Smartproxy Pricing Plan

Smartproxy provides residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies with a vast IP pool. They offer multiple pricing plans tailored to the type of proxy you select. Let's explore which pricing plan suits you best.

With residential proxies, Smartproxy grants access to over 55 million proxies across 195 countries, offering both sticky and rotating sessions. This plan operates on a pay-per-bandwidth model, ranging from 2GB to 100GB. The pricing becomes more favorable as you purchase more data, with the option to procure proxies at $4.5/GB with the 100GB package. 

Additionally, for enterprise needs, Smartproxy offers plans with larger bandwidth allocations.

The pricing for residential proxies may appear relatively high compared to other providers in the market. However, if Smartproxy delivers fast, stable, and high-quality proxies, the cost remains reasonable.

If you are interested in mobile proxies, you can purchase them at prices ranging from $7.5/GB to $20/GB, depending on the package you choose

When acquiring datacenter proxies, you have the choice to pay per GB or per IP. Smartproxy provides access to approximately 100,000 IP addresses worldwide, with prices starting from $0.6/GB or $0.1/IP.
For ISP proxies, purchasing options include payment per GB or IPs. Enterprise plans are available for those requiring a substantial number of IPs or GBs, with prices ranging from $2.9/IP to $10/IP or $11/GB to $14/GB, depending on the desired quantity.
Smartproxy accepts various payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Google Pay, among others. Moreover, you can conveniently top up your account to cover plan expenses.

How to configure Smartproxy in Hidemyacc profile?

Once you've selected your suitable plan, Hidemyacc will assist you in configuring Smartproxy on your Hidemyacc profile.

Begin by downloading and setting up the Hidemyacc application. To do this, visit the official website at Choose the latest version of Hidemyacc, download it, and follow the setup instructions on your computer.

Upon installation, you can sign up for an account using your email or phone number to avail of the 7-day trial, which includes 30 profiles. This trial period allows you to explore the features and functionalities of Hidemyacc.

Create a new Hidemyacc profille

To begin, open Hidemyacc and navigate to the Menu bar. Click on "New profile" to initiate the creation of a new Hidemyacc profile.

When creating new profile, you have the option to customize browser fingerprint parameters according to your preferences. Alternatively, the system can randomize these parameters for you, ensuring diversity and anonymity.

In the "Name" field, assign a distinctive name to your profile for easy identification. Moving to the "Overview" section, you can further tailor the profile by selecting the operating system and browser type. It's advisable to opt for an operating system similar to your actual device for optimal performance and seamless operation, as recommended by Hidemyacc.

Setup Smartproxy in Hidemyacc proxy

To generate your Smartproxy, begin by accessing the Smartproxy dashboard after logging into your account. In the menu bar, select the type of proxy you wish to purchase and proceed with the payment process. Hidemyacc recommends selecting both residential and datacenter proxies.

For datacenter proxies, you have the option to purchase based on bandwidth (per GB) or the number of IPs. Choose the option that best aligns with your requirements.

To generate Smartproxy's residential proxy, select the authentication method (username:password). In the "Endpoint generator" section, configure parameters such as location, session type (sticky or rotating), and protocol. Ensure the "endpoint" is compatible with Hidemyacc. Once configured, copy your proxy details.
Next, navigate to your Hidemyacc profile. In the Proxy section, click on the "Your Proxy" button and paste the copied proxy details.

Verify the proxy status by clicking on the "Check proxy" button. Finally, click "Create" to generate your profile. Now your Hidemyacc profile is now configured with Smartproxy.

Smartproxy performance testing

Let's evaluate the performance of Smartproxy. When running your Hidemyacc profile, it automatically opens IPFighter, a site used to inspect proxy information such as country, city, ISP, DNS, and whether the proxy is blacklisted on any websites. IPFighter has assigned a score of 100/100 to this proxy, indicating it's a fresh IP with high trustworthiness.

However, checking the speed test is crucial in assessing proxy performance. The results reveal:

  • Download speed: 2.4 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 3.8 Mbps

While these speeds aren't particularly high, they should suffice for most browsing needs. However, there might be some latency when accessing high-traffic sites.

Another essential factor in evaluating proxy quality is its location accuracy. It's important to ensure that the proxy's location matches the one advertised when purchasing it. You can verify this by checking IPFighter or conducting a Google search. If the location displayed matches the one you bought the proxy from, it's a positive sign.

In the case of Smartproxy, the location displayed on IPFighter aligns with the location observed when searching on Google, indicating consistency and reliability.


Smartproxy offers a seamless experience when integrating their proxies. For those in search of a reliable proxy provider offering a variety of proxy types, Smartproxy is indeed a "smart choice." As a user of Hidemyacc, you're eligible for a 10% discount when purchasing Smartproxy. Simply access the Proxy Store within Hidemyacc to retrieve your promo code.

By combining Hidemyacc with Smartproxy, you can significantly enhance your privacy. This combination allows you to manage multiple accounts on the same device without being detected by websites, ensuring a secure and discreet online experience.

Furthermore, you can explore Hidemyacc's features for free with access to 30 profiles. This trial period grants full access to all features, enabling you to experience the benefits firsthand before making a commitment.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support. We're here to assist you.
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