How to manage multiple social media accounts for business 2022

Tien Nguyen

Nowadays, social media has been used by individuals, organizations, and companies for marketing purposes. Thus, having at least one social media account is indispensable for your business. If you intend to expand your marketing strategy on one or several platforms, using multiple social media accounts plays a vital role to obtain your aims. 

So, how can you manage them effectively without getting stressed or messed up? Follow us in this article then you’ll find the answer. 

First, we’ll discuss the specific reasons why you use multiple social media accounts for your business. 

Reasons to use multiple social media accounts for your business

According to Global social media statistics, an average user can visit 7.4 different social platforms monthly and spends nearly two and a half hours per day using social media. So, why don’t we take advantage of that to boost your marketing and make it effective by creating multiple social media accounts? 

The main purpose of doing that is to build and increase your business brand recognition and awareness. This will support you to reach different types of target audiences on different social media platforms. 

There are some possible cases that need to use multiple social media accounts

Running advertisement

Many digital advertising marketers inevitably need to use multiple accounts to run advertising campaigns for their products or services. This will attract many different people come to your page or website, thereby, your brand will be known more. But unfortunately, some of them at least have experienced getting their accounts banned or locked for a few reasons. So, to avoid account banned on platforms like Facebook Business, we will thoroughly explain that and give alternative solutions in the next part. So, just keep going! 

Social seeding 

Social seeding is one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. It can help your business have the chance to showcase useful content throughout various common and highly visible platforms. 

To make it effective, you definitely need to create many different social media accounts on a variety of platforms to make the content of your business reach as many people as possible. You can build short conversation scripts between 2 or more clone accounts to discuss (ask and answer) your products or services. It can take place on online forums or social media groups,... by posting or commenting to lead audiences to visit your page or website. 

Maintain multiple brands

If you work at Social Media Agency, using multiple accounts is a must-have because your agency absolutely works with various clients who are in need of boosting their brand identity and awareness. So you need to be really careful to avoid mixing up the contents between many different brands otherwise you will receive negative feedback from your clients. 

Difficulties in managing multiple social media accounts

Using multiple social media accounts can help you somewhat achieve your aims. But it also has some problems itself because managing multiple social media accounts by hand is not an easy feat. 

Now let’s move to the first problem. 


Have you ever noticed how much time you spent using and farming many social media accounts? Just think about how many times repeatedly opened and closed several different tabs. Or you have to log in and sign out each time you use other accounts on one social media platform. 

In some cases, if you use them on different devices instead of the regular ones, the social media platforms will send you the verification code to your email or phone number to ensure it’s you, not hackers. Then, you will definitely have to log in again. So you can save time by finding a better solution to do more important tasks instead of consuming your time on unnecessary stuff. 

Easy to make mistakes

It’s quite easy to get stressed and mess up with several accounts.

Because you can be in charge of doing many tasks such as writing content, uploading photos, replying direct messages and comments, tracking the metrics and keeping an eye on your competitor, and following the trends,... for just one account on one platform. 

Whenever you intend to use one or many accounts to post something on different social media platforms in one day, it can be easy to make mistakes like posting the wrong content on the wrong platforms or using the wrong accounts.  

Each account has its purpose in your marketing strategy. Some accounts are to run advertising, some are to seeding in comments, and some are posting,.... You can’t even remember all of the social media accounts if you’re using a large number of accounts. 

Easy to get banned 

If you’re using a large number of accounts to run advertisements, it can be somewhat risky to get banned. Why? 

Because you use the same IP and browser fingerprint for many accounts, then their system of social media platforms can detect you using several fake accounts to boost your advertisements.  Then, your accounts will get banned soon. 

Complicated process if sharing

Just imagine you are responsible for managing accounts until one day you need to take on more important tasks or quit your job, then, moving the work that you are doing to others is necessary. You need to provide and transfer multiple accounts, and their passwords to others. 

Once they log in with those accounts on their devices with different IPs and browser fingerprints, they need to have a verification code from your email or phone number. Hence, it will be such a complicated process. 

So are there any tools or software in the market that can support you in managing multiple accounts and solve all of the above problems? 

The answer is yes. An antidetect browser can help you to do that. 

Benefits of using an antidetect browser 

Save your time

Once you log in to your accounts on different devices, you don’t need to worry about logging in and signing out stuff or needing a verification anymore because antidetect browser will allow you to create and manage multiple accounts in one place and help you change the browser fingerprints of your accounts. Besides, it helps you run multiple accounts at the same time. All of these will save your time than doing them by hand, right? 

Antidetect browser like Hidemyacc has an automation feature that can save much of your time in running advertisement.  

Easy to create and manage a large number of accounts 

If you need to use a large number of accounts, so it will be hard to remember all of those. However, if you use an antidetect browser like Hidemyacc, you can name a profile with your account and the platform you use it. It will be easier. 

And for those who need more accounts than the allowed limit of accounts on social media, it’s quite easy to get banned. Let’s take Twitter as an example. Twitter allows you to create maximum of 5 accounts for the same IP. If you need more, your account will surely get banned. 

But antidetect browser allows you to create multiple accounts with different browser fingerprints for each account. You also need to use proxies with Hidemyacc to change the IP. So, the frequency of getting banned will be minimalized. 

Create and manage multiple social media accounts

Avoid getting banned

Just imagine you need to move to another place maybe inside the country or outside. You have to log in to accounts in a new place, therefore you need to verify, and easy to get banned because it detects you use a different IP and browser fingerprints. 

We also mentioned how to avoid getting banned above. 

Easy to share and transfer 

Antidetect browser like Hidemyacc has a feature to share and transfer accounts, so it will help you in teamwork. There is no need to worry if you move tasks to others or quit your job. It will be much simple and faster without having any complicated processes. 

Final Thoughts

Managing multiple social media accounts has never been easier than now because you have antidetect browser that can support your business. 

If you find this article useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your peers!  

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