IPFoxy Review - Details, Pricing Plan, Pros and Cons


Finding suitable and stable proxies is not an easy task. There are plenty of proxy service providers in the market, both datacenter and residential, that advertise themselves as top-notch. But are they really that good?

In this blog post, Hidemyacc will introduce you to a new proxy service provider - IPFOXY, which we currently use and find meets our requirements for speed and quality in various tasks, including registering accounts on e-commerce platforms.

What is IPFoxy?

IPFoxy offers both datacenter and residential proxies, boasting over 40 million IP addresses in 200+ countries, all with fast and stable speeds. They also provide dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 options. You can choose to purchase based on bandwidth or the number of proxies and their lifetime.

You can utilize IPFoxy for various tasks such as market research, social media management, web scraping, advertising, SEO, price comparison, and more. Their extensive IP pool covering over 200 countries provides you with ample choices.

IPFoxy Main Features

Parameter Feature
IP Type Datacenter and residential Proxy
IP Pool 40M+ IPs
IP Location 200+ countries
Filter/Target Country, state, city
Proxy Protocol - HTTP
- Socks5
IP Rotation Rotating and static
Price Sample - Dedicated IPv4: from $5.99/month
- Dediacated IPv6: from $3.99/month
- Dedicated residential: $12.99/month
- Rotating residential: from $5.99/month
Price Charged Bandwidth, daily/monthly subscription
Payment Method Alipay, Wechat, Paypal, Bank card, virtual currency (USDT, bitcoin, USD coin, ETH)
Authentication Username & password
Speed Good
Free Trial Yes
Refund Policy No
Support Telegram, Email, Livechat

IPFoxy Pricing Package

IPFoxy provides datacenter and residential proxy along with 4 packages you can choose from.

  • Dedicated IPv4: from $5.99/month

  • Dediacated IPv6: from $3.99/month

  • Dedicated residential: $12.99/month

  • Rotating residential: from $5.99/month

The Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 options are static datacenter proxies. As for the residential package, you can select either static or rotating IPs. The price depends on the number of IPs and the duration you choose (30 days, 90 days, or 180 days).

When signing up for a new account, you can enjoy a 3-day free trial that includes one dedicated IPv4 and one dedicated IPv6 by selecting the Shared Zone within the Dedicated IPv4 package.

If you opt for the Dedicated IPv6 package, simply choose the 3-day package.

To complete your order, you can proceed with the available balance in your account or choose from other payment methods such as Alipay, Wechat, Paypal, Bank card, or virtual currencies (USDT, Bitcoin, USD coin, ETH). 

To add funds to your account, you can top up using Alipay, Wechat, Paypal, Bank card, or virtual currencies (USDT, Bitcoin, USD coin, ETH). When you top up $20 or more, you'll receive an additional 20% bonus.

How to setup IPFoxy in Hidemyacc

Changing your IP address with a proxy to prevent websites and platforms from detecting you is one of the most effective methods. However, it may not be sufficient, especially when you have multiple accounts on high-security websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Websites can still identify you based on your browser fingerprints. This is where the antidetect browser, Hidemyacc, comes into play. The antidetect browser, Hidemyacc, helps you conceal your original identity by providing different sets of browser fingerprints. When you combine the antidetect browser, Hidemyacc, with IPFoxy, it creates the impression that you are using a new computer with a fresh internet connection.

So, how can you maximize the advantages of Hidemyacc and IPFoxy? Let's explore how to set up IPFoxy in the antidetect browser, Hidemyacc.

Firstly, you need to generate an IP from IPFoxy. I choose the Rotating Residential proxy option.

Go to the dashboard and provide the following information: regions, state, city, route optimization, rotation cycle, protocol (HTTP or Socks5), proxy format, and the quantity you want to generate.

Then, click on the "Generate" button.

Click the "Batch Copy" button to copy the IP you have generated.

Now, I will set up this proxy in a new Hidemyacc profile. In the proxy section, choose the HTTP protocol, and then paste the IP. Click the "Check" button to verify if this proxy is live or not.

Now, you have a new Hidemyacc profile that has been added with a new IP address from IPFoxy.

Testing the Quality of IPFoxy Proxy

Now, you need to check the proxy score and its speed. I will visit IPFighter to gather proxy information. IPFighter is a proxy checker website that provides IP address details, including country, city, ISP, DNS leaks, WebRTC status, website blacklists, and more. IPFighter also gives a score to your proxy based on its database.

IP Fighter scores this proxy 85/100 because this IP address has fallen into the blacklist of 3 out of 117 websites. IP Fighter also provides the list of these 3 websites. As you can see, 85 is a high score, and it's all based on IP Fighter's database. These websites are not very popular, so you can easily access other sites you want, such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, without any restrictions.

To check the speed, I go to Speedtest.net, and here are the proxy speed results:

The download and upload speeds are high, allowing you to access websites and platforms without any latency.

IPFoxy Pros and Cons


  • Diversity: IPFoxy offers over 40 million global rotating residential IPs across 200+ countries, delivering ultra-fast speed and stability. Additionally, IPFoxy provides IPv6 support, a feature not commonly offered by many proxy service providers.

  • Affordable Pricing: IPFoxy offers 4 pricing packages for you to choose from. The price are based on the number of proxies you wish to purchase and their duration (30 days, 90 days, or 180 days). All these packages come with unlimited bandwidth, making them a cost-effective choice, especially if your tasks require high bandwidth usage.

  • Free Trial: IPFoxy offers a 3-day free trial for both Dedicated IPv4 and Dedicated IPv6 packages. This allows you to test these proxies before committing to a full package purchase.

  • Fast Support: In addition to email and Telegram, IPFoxy provides a live chatbot on their website that can promptly answer your questions about their products.


  • No refund: IPFoxy does not support return or exchange after proxies are sold in order to prevent the proxy from being abused. This is not actually a disadvantage, but it will be a bit inconvenient. Therefore, please contact IPFoxy's support team for their assistance if you have any concerns before purchasing a proxy.


IPFoxy is a new provider with an extensive IP pool and a relatively reasonable price in the market. You might be hesitant to use a proxy from a new provider like this, but according to Hidemyacc's assessment, this proxy works quite well. 

Combining IPFoxy with Hidemyacc will guarantee your profile's anonymity and privacy because Hidemyacc software will hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile which is useful for users to access the internet without being detected. 

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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