NetNut Proxy Review: Does it worth to buy?

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Although established as one of the young proxy providers in the industry, NetNut proxy has managed to walk its way into the minds of people as the largest provider of static residential proxies. NetNut proxy offers datacenter and residential IPs for clients that want to protect their brands, conduct business intelligence, copy sneakers, or do some plain-ole web scraping. With the capacity to handle "hundreds of gigabytes per second", Netnut ensures that you can "access any geo-targeted web data content you need".

NetNut proxy controls three proxy networks: signature static residential proxies, shared datacenter IPs, and peer-to-peer residential proxies. NetNut also has a proxy-based web scraping API but does very little to promote it.

It has proxies in all countries' locations, which makes it one of the well-known proxy providers. One big thing about is that all proxies in its network are fully anonymous. How? NetNut uses the services of another company called DiviNetworks, allowing NetNut to get IP spaces with a prior usage history. As a result, NetNut proxies should be harder to block than other static residential IPs which often come unused. Moreover, from January 2021, the provider foreshadowed changes by launching a free VPN; a month later, NetNut added to its service with datacenter and peer-to-peer residential proxies. At the same time, it greatly expanded the pricing plans to include entry customers. As a result, Netnut now covers a much wider range of users and use cases. For that, the company received our Contender of the Year award.

NetNut Proxy Key Features

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential
Price Charged Bandwidth or Request
Price Sample 20GB – $300 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 10+ million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation
  • Static Session
  • 100% self-control
Authentication Username/Password、IP Whitelisting
Speed Excellent
Netnut Free Trial 7 days
Refund Policy No
Support Skype Live Support, Email, and Detailed FAQ

NetNut Proxy Performance Tests

We tested NetNut’s residential proxies with the main target being a Cloudflare server in the US, but we also ran several thousand requests with popular targets like Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Google... Results with individual websites might differ, depending on your web scraper’s configuration and other factors. The proxy server was very stable but we received access to a mixed pool of static residential proxies and peer-to-peer IPs and in any case, the results were good but not perfect.

84.29% of the requests successfully reached Cloudlare’s server compared to 99% of Bright Data, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy. You can clearly see that the results are not so great. 11.1% of the failure is caused by connection timeouts. Otherwise, the IPs were pretty fast, with a 1.4s average response time.

With 99.9% of the proxies using the IPv4 protocol, only 58.7% came from residential users and 35.8% were identified as datacenter addresses. This is the detail you should pay attention to before deciding to purchase NetNut services.

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NetNut Proxies Pros and Cons

Its proxies are not one of the cheap options out there and their location reach and targeting is also of major concern but they still have a few positive things that we might want to consider before use.


  • Using DiviNetworks: This is the number one feature that makes NetNut stand out compared to other providers like Luminati, GeoSurf, Oxylabs, Smartproxy... With the help of DiviNetworks, NetNut gets its residential IPs supplied directly by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) so their proxies' speed is more stable and efficient since you won’t experience the occasional drops like in other residential proxies.
  • Large Proxy Pool Size: NetNut pool size is over 10 million residential IPs and its IPs are ethically sourced directly from ISPs. In addition to these IPs gotten via direct ISP connectivity, they also have a backup P2P proxy network for scalability boost. One more thing, its IPs are always active and online and it can provide you 100% control over sessions of static IPs.
  • High Speed with Low Latency: Its average response time is 5.013s. This response time isn't as good as other top proxy providers but they are still fast enough for major uses. However, the pings or latency associated with its proxies is quite minimal compared to many proxy providers and their internet connection is quite strong.
  • Free Trial: Netnut is a premium proxy service provider but it still provides intending customers a 7-day free trial. Its free trials do not come with many restrictions as you are even assigned an account manager as a free user. This shows that it's very confident in its proxies' abilities.
  • Customer Support: Although it does not have live chat support integrated into its website, a Skype chat will be created for you and your account manager to use after creating an account with NetNut.  Its account managers are professional and he/she will reply as soon as they get your message. Aside from their Skype live chat support, you can also contact them via email and NetNut also have an excellent FAQ page that provides answers to common questions.
  • Friendly Dashboard: They have a very clean and minimalistic dashboard that makes things easier for you. And with an account manager assigned to you, things are even easier for you. From its online dashboard, you can view your used and remaining bandwidth. There is also a section that shows you how to integrate their proxies into your applications. They have a simple API that can help you fetch bandwidth usage data in real-time.


  • Expensive: Most premium residential proxies are expensive and so does NetNut. Netnut residential proxies are sold in bandwidth with their smallest plan costing $300 and come with 20 GB, which means that a GB costs $15. However, the more bandwidth you buy, the cheaper their bandwidth becomes. In its 1 TB plan, a GB costs $3.5. Payment is through PayPal and Credit cards only.


Just like every other provider, Netnut Proxy has its strengths and weaknesses. However, it has proven to be a provider you can trust to buy premium proxies from. With a pool of over 10 million residential IPs sourced directly from ISPs, good connection speed, acceptable scraping performance, and professional dedicated account managers, you will be making the right choice buying proxies from them. You can even claim a 7-days free trial and test their proxies beforehand.

NetNut is still a young provider and it doesn't make much effort to simplify setup and usage, and it's relatively costly for small-scale use. However, when comes to scraping, market research, even social media automation, NetNut is an excellent choice. Especially if you use thousands of gigabytes of data because scale and flexibility are NetNut’s strong points.

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If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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