Coinlist Proxy: Top proxy provider for crypto investors in 2022

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Coinlist has been around for more than 5 years and has gained a strong reputation for working with reputable projects. Coinlist has been very successful as it launched numerous new and potential projects such as Solana, Near, Algorand, etc with hundreds of thousand participants on the line when IDO launched.

Because of the huge profits that Coinlist brings, many crypto investors are trying to cheat by creating multiple Coinlist accounts. After the Coinlist gained popularity, it limited the number of accounts for one user. And the solution for this problem is to use Coinlist Proxy.

A Proxy will act as an intermediary between the users and Coinlist server. Proxy keeps your identity anonymous so you can freely create as many accounts as you want, as long as each account comes with a unique proxy. Proxies are not as safe as VPNs because they don’t offer encryption, but they are faster. VPNs, on the other hand, offer secure connections and more privacy options. However, VPNs are not suitable for bulk account creation because of the price and inflexibility.

Top Coinlist proxy provider

Bright Data(Luminati)

Bright Data is undoubtedly one of the top Coinlist proxy providers in the market, and it would be hard to create a list of them without including this provider. While their services may come with a high price tag, the range of features they offer is unparalleled. Their expansive network, flexible billing options, and powerful tools make them an ideal choice for people who seek for Coinlist proxy. Bright Data proxies are clean, fast, secure, and trustworthy. Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality Coinlist proxy provider, purchasing one of their plans is definitely worth considering.


  • Peer-to-peer, static residential & mobile IPs
  • Every country, thousands of cities, ASN and carrier targeting
  • Flexible rotation settings; static sessions available
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • API, browser extension & proxy manager
  • 24/7 support
  • Pricing: From $20/GB + $0.5/IP for static residential proxies. 7-day trial for businesses and 3-day refund available.


If you're searching for a cost-effective substitute for Bright Data Coinlist proxy, SmartProxy is an excellent option to consider. Along with providing top-notch Coinlist proxy, SmartProxy is efficient as well. Every plan offers access to the entire proxy pool, with pricing based on traffic usage. SmartProxy is highly compatible with Coinlist and other social media platforms, and it can be used in conjunction with various automation tools to produce organic user actions and manage multiple accounts. One of SmartProxy's key advantages is its straightforward setup process, which is ideal for individuals who prefer things to be less technical.


  • 40 million peer-to-peer residential IPs
  • 195 locations (+8 cities)
  • Rotation every request, sticky sessions up to 30 mins
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • API & browser extension
  • Self-service for smaller plans
  • Great customer service
  • Pricing: From $75/5 GB ($15/GB). 3-day refund available.

Shifter (Microleaves) is a leading Coinlist proxy provider with an extensive network of both residential and datacenter IPs, making it one of the most reliable options available. With over 31 million addresses in their pool, they offer nearly 100% uptime and lightning-fast speeds of up to 1GBPS. Additionally, there's unlimited bandwidth, so you don't have to worry about non-sequential Coinlist proxy.'s pricing plans are competitive and offer excellent value for money. They also provide a 3-day money-back guarantee, making it easy to try out their services risk-free.


  • More than 31 million IPs
  • Geo-targeting by country and city
  • HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS 4/5 support
  • Proxies rotate every 5 to 60 minutes (adjustable)
  • Highly anonymous
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Pricing: 10 basic backconnect proxies for $124.99 or 10 special backconnect proxy ports for $249.99. 3-day money-back guarantee.


Oxylabs is a leading Coinlist proxy provider that boasts a massive network of over 100 million IP addresses, consisting of both residential and data center proxies. This makes them an excellent choice for those in need of proxies for Coinlist and other purposes, including social media, web scraping, business intelligence, brand protection, marketing research, and ad verification. With an impressive success rate of around 99.2%, Oxylabs is known for offering some of the best proxies for Coinlist. Their proxies provide high speeds, unlimited concurrent sessions, and exceptional geo-targeting capabilities, with 195 locations that support country, city, and state-level targeting. While their services may come at a higher price point than some other providers, the quality and reliability they offer make them a top Coinlist proxy provider in the proxy market.


  • 100M residential, 100k ISP proxies
  • No connection or IP limits
  • Every country & most cities in the world
  • 30 min. sticky sessions
  • 24/7 premium support
  • API for resellers
  • Pricing: Starts from $300/ 20 GB ($15/GB) for a monthly plan. 7-day trial for businesses, 3-day refund available.


If you are looking for a Coinlist proxy provider that offers long-term value, GeoSurf is a great option. They are known for providing high-quality residential proxies that can help you access Coinlist with multiple accounts. Their Coinlist proxies are reliable, secure, fast, and virtually undetectable. One of the most significant advantages of GeoSurf is that they have a massive pool of over 2.5 million residential IPs that are distributed across all countries and in more than 1700 cities worldwide.


  • 2.5M peer-to-peer & static residential IPs
  • Stable and robust proxies
  • Over 100 countries, thousands of cities
  • Rotation every request, sticky sessions for 1/10/30 mins
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • Extensive documentation
  • 24/7 support
  • Pricing: From $450 for 38 GB ($11.85/GB). No free trial, but you can get a demo session.


Soax is a Coinlist proxy service that has won awards for its quality and reliability. If you're not quite sure if it's suitable for your Coinlist accounts, you can try it out for just $1.99 and 100MB. This will allow you to test the service's uptime and quality. Soax's residential IP addresses are legitimate and whitelisted, which means you won't run into any issues while using them. They also offer back connect rotating proxies that are perfect for use on Coinlist. With automatic IP rotation, you won't have to worry about being blocked or banned while using their service.


  • 5M residential, 3.5M mobile IPs
  • Good performance with social media platforms
  • Global locations with city & ASN targeting
  • Rotation from 90 seconds to until available
  • Connections limited by plan
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • Live chat support
  • Pricing: Residential proxies start from $75 for 5GB ($15/Gb). 3-day trial for $1.99 available.


Note: We have published a blog about the Best Proxy Provider of 2022 for you, so you can look up and decide which proxy will fit best with your work. We also post an article about You can read about it here.

Remember, Coinlist proxy only help you hide your real IP address and location. Coinlist is still able to detect via browser fingerprints and hardware fingerprints of your accounts. That's the reason why you need to combine proxy with an antidetect browser like Hidemyacc, Go Login, Multilogin... so you can create a bulk of Coinlist accounts without engaging in any ban!

Hidemyacc software will help you hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile, supporting users to access the internet with multiple accounts without being detected. Compared to others, Hidemyacc is the most effective and economical software on the market right now. Moreover, many new features and software integrated with Hidemyacc are being developed to serve the requirements of the majority of users.

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!


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