Proxy for Google Ads (Part 2)

Tien Nguyen
Using Google Ads might be the best decision you make for your business. People use Google to search 3.5 billion times a day. Each search offers opportunities for you to get your brand in front of more users. And that’s where Google Ads comes in.

Google Ads allows you to advertise and promote your products and services when users search the relevant keywords. When users search a keyword, they get the results of their query on a search engine results page (SERP). Those results can include a paid advertisement that targeted that keyword. You can see that all the advertisements are on the top of the SERP. And this is good for the advertiser because the first results on Google typically get the vast majority of the traffic for search queries.

Benefits of Google Ads

With over 259 million unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily interactions, the benefits that google ads bring to your businesses are immeasurable.

Increase Brand Awareness

A combination of Display and Search Ads lets your business cover more ground for growing brand impressions online. When you want to increase brand awareness, Google Ads should be one of the first places you start advertising.

Through the Ads search network, even if potential customers aren’t clicking, they see your brand, your tagline, what you offer, and whatever else you showcase on the SERP. And through the Ads display network, you can even prioritize brand awareness by choosing to show your ad to more people than focus on clicks or conversions (more on bidding strategies in a bit). Both strategies allow advertisers to reinforce their business’s critical attributes, and in turn, strengthen its brand.

Maximize ROI

To help you reach specific marketing goals while draining your budget the least, the Ads team has created several different bidding strategies like CPM bidding, CPC bidding, CPA bidding

  • CPC bidding is what Google recommends if your goal is to drive website traffic.
  • CPM bidding, which stands for “cost per thousand viewable impressions", is the amount of money you’re willing to pay for 1,000 people to see your advertisement in full view. We recommend this strategy if you’re trying to build brand awareness. It’s only available on the Google Display Network, not the search network.
  • CPA bidding is recommended for advertisers who are focused on conversions like purchases or sign-ups.

Suitable for All Ranges of Budget

With many campaign settings and bidding options, companies using Google Ads can achieve results with varying budgets. An advantage to using Ads is able to put limitations on your daily budget, maximum bids, and more. That way you’ll never spend more than you want to. You have full and thorough control over the budget of your Google Ads campaigns. Where you can control everything starting from the maximum bid on the ad to the daily budget of the campaign.

For small businesses, you can start advertising as low as a couple of bucks a month, but your effective results might not have the impact you might want. For large companies, the benefits multiply as you can enable scaling of ad spending profitably, and when compared to traditional advertising, Google Ads are cost-effective.

The key is to find keywords that perform the best according to your goals as cheaply as possible. Finding a balance with purchase intent and other stages in your sales funnel is a method of decreasing costs.

Full Control of your Campaigns

As there’s a lot to manage in a Google Ads campaign, Google has made it very beginner-friendly. Through features like smart bidding, in which you only need to choose a goal, Google does the bidding for you to maximize your campaign’s performance.

Or else, you can take full control of your advertising campaign like:

  • How much to spend and how large are your bids.
  • Campaign goals.
  • Conversions control.
  • Control individual keywords and target audiences.
  • How your ads look (As long you won’t break any Google policies).

The benefits of these automated campaigns are that the results are transparent in the same way as you would’ve been in charge.

Massive Reach

Now, when people have a question that needs answering, their first stop is always Google. The search engine handles an obscene 2+ trillion searches per year. That’s over 5 billion searches per day.

On social media, for example, people aren’t looking to be advertised to. They’re not looking for solutions to the issues that plague their everyday lives. On the search network, you’re not advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to. You’re advertising to people who are looking for something specific. Among those are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. If they’ve ever used the internet, chances are they’ve Googled the answer to something. And if you can help them find the answer, even if it’s with an ad, they’re more likely to choose you than your competitor.


Retargeting in online advertising is crucial. Within Google Ads, you can effectively retarget customers and users who visit your website. Even if you’re not actively utilizing Google Ads, remarketing ads is something to consider to do regardless.

By advertising to those who visited your website, you increase your chances of converting them into sales. And remarketing ads don’t have to be simple, a little creativity goes a long way. For example, by testing with different ad formats that Google ads have to offer, you can find the most optimal format for converting visitors into customers. Or a retargeting campaign with YouTube ads can be powerful.

Tracking and Optimization Conversion

Conversion tracking makes understanding the campaign performance easier through concrete terms and results. Not only can you track basic conversions such as sales or leads, but the platform also allows the creation of custom conversions. Custom conversions make ad optimization very useful.

Google Analytics

Analyzing your results from ads is made straightforward and easy to understand for beginners as you can connect third-party tools to help you increase performance. Connecting the very least Google Analytics to your account helps you further to see the ad performance by measuring behavioral metrics. For example, you could use behavioral metrics to follow how your users use your site from different keywords and other targeting options.

The gained data will help you increase your sales if that’s what you’re after, but also increase your other marketing activities across platforms.

Using these analytics tools integrations with your ads, you can benchmark the results with other online marketing methods to see which one produces the most for you, increasing overall ROI.

Proxy for Google Ads (Part 2)

IP Burger

One of the world’s largest providers of proxy and VPN services, IPBurger enables users and businesses alike to protect their privacy, increase their online security and unblock the web with just a few clicks. The company’s award-winning apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and browsers secure user information and identities with best-in-class encryption and leak protection. Their Fresh Dedicated proxies are unique which enables businesses worldwide to securely access high-value assets. They provide stable, fast connections wherever you are in the world and offer uncensored access to sites and services.


  • 75+ Million Residential Proxies
  • Exclusive access to Fresh Dedicated IPs
  • Perfect for eBay, PayPal and Etsy Accounts
  • Secure and Encrypted Connection
  • Fast and Responsive Support Team
  • Pricing: Residential proxies start from $75 for 5GB.


NetNut offers datacenter and residential IPs for clients that want to manage multiple social media accounts, conduct business intelligence, copy sneakers, or do some plain-ole web scraping. With the capacity to handle "hundreds of gigabytes per second", Netnut ensures that you can "access any geo-targeted web data content you need". NetNut is still a young provider and it doesn't make much effort to simplify setup and usage, and it's relatively costly for small-scale use. However, when it comes to social media automation, scraping, market research, NetNut is an excellent choice. Especially if you use thousands of gigabytes of data because scale and flexibility are NetNut’s strong points.


  • 1 million ISP proxies
  • 50 countries (with city targeting in the US)
  • Rotation every request or keep the same IP indefinitely
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • 24/7 customer service
  • API for reseller
  • Pricing: From $300 for 20 GB ($15/GB). 7-day free trial available.


The company has a very impressive pool of over 100 million IPs that includes both residential and data center proxies. If you're looking for a proxy server to assist you with social media sites, web scraping, business intelligence, brand protection, marketing research, and ad verification, Oxylabs is the one for you. The large network and high success rate of around 99.2% mean that Oxylabs can offer some of the best proxies for Google Ads. Users can also expect unlimited concurrent sessions, high speeds, and excellent geo-targeting with 195 locations and support country, city, and state-level targeting. In return, you will have to pay more than other options.


  • 100M residential, 100k ISP proxies
  • No connection or IP limits
  • Every country & most cities in the world
  • 30 min. sticky sessions
  • 24/7 premium support
  • API for resellers
  • Pricing: Starts from $300/ 20 GB ($15/GB) for a monthly plan. 7-day trial for businesses, 3-day refund available.


If you want long-term value, GeoSurf is one of the best proxy providers if you have the budget to use their service. GeoSurf is the best residential proxies provider for accessing Google Ads with multiple accounts and their proxies are reliable, secure, fast, and undetectable. They are also located in Israel, a proxy provider safe haven – perfect for your privacy. Also important is the fact that GeoSurf has over 2.5 million residential IPs. These proxies are distributed across all countries and in over 1700 cities around the world.


  • 2.5M peer-to-peer & static residential IPs
  • Stable and robust proxies
  • Over 100 countries, thousands of cities
  • Rotation every request, sticky sessions for 1/10/30 mins
  • Whitelisted IP & user:pass authentication
  • Extensive documentation
  • 24/7 support
  • Pricing: From $450 for 38 GB ($11.85/GB). No free trial, but you can get a demo session.


Using proxies only guarantees your protection from one of Google’s anti-spam techniques – IP tracking and blocking. To avoid detection, you also have to hide your browser footprint.

While you can find many premium proxy providers on the market, creating a new fingerprint for your account is the other thing. You can't find a new fingerprint online or on the market, the only way to change your profile's fingerprint is to use antidetect browser like Hidemyacc, Multilogin, Go login... Compare to others, Hidemyacc is the most effective and economical software on the market right now. Hidemyacc software will help you hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile, supporting users to access the internet with multiple accounts without being detected. Moreover, many new features and software integrated with Hidemyacc are being developed to serve the requirements of the majority of users.

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!


If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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