PrivateProxy Review 2024: Explore performance, and features


In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, safeguarding your online activities and ensuring optimal performance are paramount. This is where proxies come into play, offering a versatile solution that enables users to enhance their online experience in various ways. Whether you're looking to maintain anonymity, bypass geo-restrictions, or optimize your browsing speed, proxies serve as invaluable tools in today's digital age.

What is PrivateProxy?

PrivateProxy is a provider of high-performing residential proxies with over a decade of experience in the industry. All of the residential IPs provided by this company are hand-tested and ready to be deployed right after purchase.

The use cases for residential proxies from PrivateProxy include but are not limited to all sorts of web scraping of marketplaces and search engines. They are also perfect for missions involving lead generation, coupon aggregators, local SEO and botting. The account managers of the provider are ready 24/7 to assist you in picking just the right set of proxies from the pool that will match your online mission’s requirements.

Geographically the IPs of PrivateProxy cover most frequently demanded regions of Americas, Europe and Asia. The company also guarantees the maximum network uptime on all of its residential IPs.

Privateproxy main features

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential and Datacenter proxy
IP Pool Vast and are expanding continuously
IP Location German, Hong Kong, USA, UK, The Netherland, UAE
Filter/Target Country
Proxy Protocol HTTP or SOCKS5
IP Rotation Rotating and Static proxy
Price sample - Rotating residential proxy: From $150/month
- Rotating datacenter proxy: From $59/month
- Static residential proxy: From $5/IP/month
- Static datacenter proxy: From $9/3 IPs/month
Price Charged IP
Payment Method Credit/Debit card, PayPal
Authentication Username & password
Speed Average
Free Trial Yes
Refund Policy Yes
Support Email, Telegram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

PrivateProxy Pricing Plans

PrivateProxy offers both alternate residential and datacenter proxies at affordable prices, with IP rotation being rotating or static. All packages include one free swap a month. With the static proxy option, the more proxy you purchase, the lower the price you pay. They divide into packages, offering from 1 to 1000 proxies. If you are looking for a different number, you can choose the custom package. The price starts from $9 for 3 datacenter proxies and from $5 for 1 residential proxy. You'll get instant activation and unlimited connections.

For rotating proxies, PrivateProxy provides unlimited bandwidth rotating proxies. You will have access to the whole rotating proxies pool. For datacenter proxies, starting at $59 a month and $150 a month for residential proxies. Packages of 2 types of proxies are divided according to the number of requests. From the lowest package of 200,000 requests to the largest package of 15 million requests. They only accept custom packages when customers want to create requests from 15 million to 300 million.

Setup PrivateProxy in Hidemyacc

In this section, I will walk you through the process of configuring PrivateProxy in your Hidemyacc profile. Let's begin by generating PrivateProxy.

Generating PrivateProxy

Step 1: Register for a PrivateProxy account and order the proxies you need.

Step 2: After successfully logging in to your account, PrivateProxy will navigate you to the “Create new proxy subscription”. You will be required to fill in the categories: Category (the type of proxy), Package (number of proxies for static proxies or number of requests for rotating proxies), Purpose of using the proxy and Country.

If you select "other" as a purpose, you will have to fill in what the purpose is.

PrivateProxy's top locations are mainly in US, UK and Germany. They have a large number of IPs in these locations. Therefore, users who want to have an IP in the USA or UK or Germany, can choose PrivateProxy as a provider.

Step 3: In the Dashboard section, choose “My Proxies” then click “get proxy list” in the order you just purchased to get your proxy

Step 4: You need to check the "Show proxy credentials" box so that the proxy IPs are fully displayed in the form IP/Host:Port: Username:Pass. Then copy the generated proxies.

Setting Up Hidemyacc Profiles

Now, let's proceed to configure PrivateProxy in your Hidemyacc profiles. If you don't already have a Hidemyacc account, download the application and register to avail the 7-day trial with 30 profiles.

After registering your Hidemyacc account, click on the "New Profile" button in the menu bar to create a new profile. Name your profile and select the user agent. It's recommended to choose the same operating system as your real machine for optimal performance.

Navigate to the "Proxy" section and select "Your Proxy." Add the proxies generated from PrivateProxy. Click on the "Check" button to verify the status of the proxy. Finally, click on "Create" to complete the setup. You now have a new Hidemyacc profile configured with PrivateProxy.

PrivateProxy Performance Testing

To assess the quality of the proxy, it's essential to conduct both location and speed tests. When using Hidemyacc proxy, it will automatically initiate IP Fighter. This website evaluates various parameters of your IP address, including country, ISP, DNS leaks, WebRTC, and blacklist status. IP Fighter assigns a proxy score, with higher scores indicating greater trustworthiness.

In the case of PrivateProxy assigned to Hidemyacc profiles, the score indicates that this IP address has been blacklisted in websites in IP Fighter's databases. However, IPFighter has checked that you are using a proxy.


Speed testing is equally crucial to evaluate proxy quality. You can visit to assess download and upload speeds. It seems like the proxy has a relatively high ping, which may result in slower response times when accessing websites or online services. However, the download and upload speeds are quite good, especially the upload speed, which is significantly higher than the download speed. This could be suitable for tasks that require fast data transfer, such as uploading files or streaming content. However, users may experience delays in responsiveness due to the high ping.

PrivateProxy Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly dashboard: PrivateProxy offers an intuitive user interface and dashboard, making it accessible even for newcomers. The user experience (UX/UI) design is designed to simplify the proxy generation process.

  • Affordable pricing: PrivateProxy’s pricing structure is based on the amount of data purchased (GB). The more GB you buy, the lower the price per GB becomes. While not the cheapest option available, Privateproxy provides competitive pricing that strikes a balance between affordability and quality.


  • Low Speed: One drawback of PrivateProxy is its relatively low speed, as indicated by speed test results. This may result in latency issues, particularly when accessing high-traffic websites. Users may experience delays or slower loading times when navigating such sites.

  • Ineffective proxy bypass mechanism: PrivateProxy has not performed well in passing web tests conducted by platforms such as IPFighter. The system was detected as using a proxy. Therefore, websites will know about the use of proxies.

In summary, PrivateProxy offers a robust set of features including a vast IP pool, user-friendly interface, competitive pricing. However, its lower speed could potentially impact user experience, particularly when browsing high-traffic websites.


Selecting the most suitable proxy can be a challenging task, especially given the multitude of options available.

By integrating PrivateProxy with Hidemyacc, you can effectively alter your browser fingerprint and IP address, enabling seamless website bypassing. With this method, you can effortlessly manage multiple accounts on a single device.

Experience the power of Privateproxy with Hidemyacc by taking advantage of our free 7-day trial, which includes access to all features. Download Hidemyacc and configure PrivateProxy to enjoy a smooth and undetectable online experience.

Download Hidemyacc and get your 7-day trial with 30 profiles!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, our support team is available via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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