Review ProxyLink - Main Features, Pros and Cons


What is ProxyLink?

ProxyLink is a versatile proxy service offering residential and mobile proxies with an extensive IP pool spanning over 7 million IPs across 150 countries. It's a powerful tool that caters to various online needs such as ad verification, SEO monitoring, web scraping, penetration testing, and many more, providing secure and anonymous connections for businesses and individuals.

ProxyLink Main Feature

Parameter Feature
IP Type Mobile proxy and residential proxy
IP Pool 7M+ IPs
IP Location Over 150 countries
Filter/Target Country
Proxy Protocol HTTP/HTTPS
IP Rotation Rotating and static
Price Sample - Beginner: 1GB €3/month
- Advanaced: 5GB €15/month
- Expert: 20GB €60/month
- Enterprise: 50GB €150/month
Price Charged Bandwidth, daily/monthly subscription
Payment Method Crypto/PayPal
Authentication Username & password
Speed Good
Free Trial Yes
Refund Policy No
Support Telegram, Discord

ProxyLink Pricing Package

ProxyLink provides a range of pricing packages designed to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here are the available packages:

  • Beginner: This package offers 1GB of data for €3 per month, suitable for those looking to get started with ProxyLink.
  • Advanced: With 5GB of data for €15 per month, the Advanced plan is ideal for users with more extensive proxy requirements.
  • Expert: The Expert package offers 20GB of data for €60 per month, making it a great choice for those with high-volume needs.
  • Enterprise: For users with substantial demands, the Enterprise plan provides 50GB of data for €150 per month.

How to setup ProxyLink in Hidemyacc

In the Dashboard, you select "Purchase Data." The screen will display various residential proxy packages. Depending on your needs, you can choose the package that suits you.

Click on "Get now" and you will have two options to purchase using Litecoin or Bitcoin. If you want to buy via PayPal, you need to join the ProxyLink Discord channel.

If you prefer to purchase through Discord, please refer to the following steps:

  1. First, join ProxyLink's Discord server
  2. In the "Our Plans" section, click on the channel for the type of proxy you wish to buy: "resi-proxy" or "mobile-proxy."
  1. To buy a proxy, open a ticket and provide the requested information, including your budget, the type of proxy you want to purchase (rotating or sticky), and the country. After filling out the information, click "Submit" to send the ticket to ProxyLink's support team.
  1. To check the status of your ticket, go to the "Tickets" channel. The ProxyLink support team will assist you in purchasing the proxies that meet your requirements. You can choose to "Close ticket" to conclude the transaction or make changes to your purchase package.
  1. ProxyLink provides support through Telegram and Discord. In ProxyLink's Discord channel, click on the "Support" channel and select "Contact Support" to get in touch with ProxyLink.

This process will help you efficiently purchase proxies from ProxyLink according to your needs.

You can get 3 vouchers with a 15% discount when you register an account through Hidemyacc's referral link

After purchasing your proxies, you can access the Dashboard to generate your proxies.

Here's how you can generate and integrate proxies with your Hidemyacc profile:

  1. Select "Proxy Generator" and enter the necessary information, such as the country, type of proxy, format, and the quantity you require.
  1. Finally, click "Generate" and copy the generated proxy.

To add the proxy to your Hidemyacc profile

  1. When creating a new profile, under the "Proxy" section, click on "Your proxy"
  2. Choose the HTTP protocol and paste the proxy you copied earlier.
  3. You can verify the live status of the proxy by clicking "Check Proxy"

Additionally, you can also add the proxy to Proxy Manager for convenient management. For more detailed information on how to add proxies, you can refer to the provided video.

ProxyLink Testing Quality

Next, it's essential to assess the proxy's quality and speed. I will navigate to IPFighter to collect data about the proxy. IPFighter serves as a proxy evaluation platform, offering comprehensive information about IP addresses, such as their origin, city, Internet Service Provider (ISP), potential DNS leaks, WebRTC status, website blacklisting, and more. Furthermore, IPFighter assigns a score to your proxy based on its extensive database.

IP Fighter assigns a rating of 90/100 to this proxy due to its presence in the blacklists of 2/51. IP Fighter also provides the list of these 2 websites. With a score of 90, as determined by IP Fighter's extensive database, it's evident that this proxy boasts a high rating.

Notably, these websites are relatively less popular, meaning that you can freely browse other sites of your choice, such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, without any hindrances.

For an evaluation of the proxy's speed, I turn to, and the results indicate:

The download and upload speeds are notably high, ensuring smooth access to websites and online platforms without any significant latency

ProxyLink Pros and Cons


  • Diversity: ProxyLink offers over 7 million global rotating residential IPs across 150+ countries, delivering ultra-fast speed and stability.
  • Affordable Pricing: ProxyLink offers 4 pricing packages for you to choose from. The price is based on the GB you wish to purchase. You can buy additional data as you wish.
  • Fast speed: The proxy access speed of ProxyLink is quite fast, so you can easily access websites without experiencing lag or buffering issues.


  • No refund: ProxyLink does not offer returns or exchanges for sold proxies to deter potential abuse of the service. While this may not be a drawback, it might be a bit less flexible. Thus, if you have any concerns before buying a proxy, it's recommended to reach out to ProxyLink's support team for assistance.


ProxyLink is a new provider with an extensive IP pool and a relatively reasonable price in the market. You might be hesitant to use a proxy from a new provider like this, but according to Hidemyacc's assessment, this proxy works quite well.

Combining ProxyLink with Hidemyacc will guarantee your profile's anonymity and privacy because Hidemyacc software will hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile which is useful for users to access the internet without being detected.

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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