Top 13 Amazon Seller Tools to start your business today


To stay ahead of the competition and ensure the success of your business on Amazon, using the right tools and strategies is the most important thing. You can increase your chances of success and take your Amazon business to the next level when using them. 

And here are the best 13 Amazon seller tools to help you get started on Amazon.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the most potent Amazon seller product research tools. It provides you with 22 tools to optimize your product listings, conduct in-depth keyword research, track sales performance, and even monitor competitors' activities.

What's more, Helium 10 offers a range of training resources to help you learn how to use its tools effectively and maximize their profits. By using Helium 10, Amazon sellers can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and take their business to new heights.

What Helium 10 can do for your FBA business?

  • Research products to find new and high-margin ones
  • Research keywords and optimize your listing with high-value keywords
  • Track inventory and manage refunds, invoices, and follow-ups
  • Track sales and profits of each product

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the most recommended amazon FBA software seller tool. It can help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon by conducting market research and analyzing sales data. This data allows you to determine which products have high demand and low competition. Therefore, you can save time and effort in finding the right products to sell on Amazon, and increase your chances of success. 

There are two tools really worth mentioning in Jungle Scout: 
Supplier Database: You can easily find a suitable supplier for your product. You’ll get many valuable insights like information about a supplier’s customers or the overall supplier rating.
Promotions: You can promote your Amazon products directly within Jungle Scout and jumpstart early sales with promotional campaigns.
With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools, Jungle Scout is a must-have Amazon tool for any seller looking to grow their business.

What Jungle Scout can do for your FBA business?

  • Find profitable products and evaluate their potential to sell on Amazon through historical sales, ranking, reviews, and so on.
  • Discover the competitor’s keywords, optimize your listing with top-performing keywords
  • Run promotions to generate easy sales


Keyworx is an Amazon seller keyword tool that can help you to find the most suitable and high-ranking keywords for your listing. With Keyworx, you can easily identify the most relevant keywords for your business, track your competitors' rankings, and monitor your website's performance over time. 

As a new seller, the more potential customers see your listing, the more chances you have to make sales. 

What Jungle Scout can do for your FBA business?

  • Monitor organic and paid keyword rankings
  • Keep track of Best Seller and Amazon's Choice badges
  • Receive daily alerts whenever there are changes in your rankings

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is an Amazon best-seller ranking tool with useful features to optimize your product listings and stay ahead of the competition. With its advanced algorithms and comprehensive data analysis, AMZ Tracker also provides valuable insights into keyword rankings, sales trends, and product performance. By leveraging this information, sellers can make data-driven decisions to improve their sales and maximize their profits.

AMZ Tracker can also get amazon seller reviews, automate feedback requests, monitor product reviews, and track competitor activity. It also provides tools for keyword research, listing optimization, and inventory management.

What AMZ Tracker can do for your FBA business?

  • Find words and phrases customers are searching with AMZ Tracker’s advanced keyword search tool.
  • Track keywords to know where your products are ranking and increase your conversion rate by identifying what’s bringing your conversion rate down and fix it.
  • Track competitors’ sales and see the changes they are making and how they affect rankings


You can keep track of prices easily on Amazon with one of the most powerful Amazon seller pricing tools - Camelcamelcamel. It provides detailed pricing history for any product sold on Amazon and allows you to set up price alerts for any product they are interested in buying. 

Additionally, Camelcamelcamel offers a browser extension that makes it easy to check the price history of a product while browsing Amazon's website. The tool is free to use and provides valuable information to help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.

What Camelcamelcamel can do for your FBA business?

  • Obtain valuable market trend and price fluctuation insights for your products, enabling you to make better-informed decisions regarding pricing and promotions.
  • Discover high-demand products by monitoring the prices and sales ranks of various items, assisting you in identifying new products to sell on Amazon.
  • Set up Amazon price trackers and get emails and Twitter alerts whenever prices decrease

Profit Bandit

It is an Amazon seller scan tool allowing you to source profitable products. With Profit Bandit, you can scan and receive product information including current Amazon selling price, its Amazon sales rank, and an estimate of the product's profitability after all Amazon fees are taken into account. 

Profit Bandit also allows you to keep track of your profits, and expenses and provide you with a wealth of information about your Amazon business. You can save time and increase your profits by making smarter sourcing decisions and optimizing your Amazon business.

What Profit Bandit can do for your FBA business? 

  • Offers you a wealth of features such as batch scanning, customizable notifications, and profit and loss calculators
  • Track your sales and profits over time
  • Identify your top-selling products and analyze your inventory to ensure that you are stocking the right products at the right time

Amazon Seller App

If you want to sell products on Amazon, Amazon Seller App is probably an essential Amazon seller tool for you. With this app, you can easily manage your inventory, track your sales, and monitor your customer feedback.

In addition, the app allows you to respond to customer inquiries and process orders on the go. It also provides you with valuable insights into your sales performance, including detailed reports on your top-selling products and your overall revenue.

What Amazon Seller App can do for your FBA business? 

  • Save your time with quick and easy access to sales, listings, and other store features
  • Manage inventory and product prices remotely
  • Improve store performance by keeping up with customer reviews and requests
  • Sends instant notifications so you can resolve issues as they arise and minimize any disruptions to your e-commerce business

Unicorn Smasher


Unicorn Smasher is a high-powered Amazon research tool, that provides data on product research, sales estimates, and competition analysis. It offers a browser extension that allows users to easily analyze product listings while browsing Amazon. 

With Unicorn Smasher, you can make more informed decisions about which products to sell and how to optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales. By leveraging the insights provided by this tool, Amazon sellers can increase their revenue and grow their businesses.

What Unicorn Smasher can do for your FBA business? 

  • Jump to any product's listing straight from your dashboard
  • Analyzing sales data and trends to show you which products are in high demand and have low competition
  • Provides you with real-time metrics to help you make informed decisions about your products

AMZ Finder

As an Amazon FBA seller, it is crucial to consider customer reviews. And AMZ Finder is a convenient Amazon seller feedback tool. These reviews play a vital role in both ranking your listing in Amazon searches and influencing potential customers to purchase your product (also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO).

AMZ Finder provides automated email services to help you solicit reviews, with 500 free emails per month. For new sellers, this should suffice, but paid plans are available for those who require more email-sending capacity.

What AMZ Finder can do for your FBA business? 

  • Automatically send customized email templates to customers using order filters and a blacklist feature. This feature enhances customer service and improves the shopping experience in your store.
  • Manage your Amazon store efficiently with AMZFinder. Import your reviews and orders for a quick overview. Get notified via email of positive and negative reviews for all your items, to enhance customer care responsiveness.
  • Send professional invoices and save your time by adding the customer’s address, and order details automatically

Amazon SEO Consultant

The Amazon seller rank tool - SEO Consultant helps you improve your rankings on the Amazon marketplace by providing insights and identifying areas for improvement. With features such as keyword ranking tracking, customer search behavior analysis, and product listing optimization, the app can increase visibility and sales. 

Personalized recommendations based on your business needs and goals are also available, making the app a valuable asset for any Amazon seller

What Amazon SEO Consultant can do for your FBA business? 

  • Optimize your Amazon listings, research profitable keywords, and track your competitors' performance
  • Access in-depth analytics to better understand your customers and their buying behaviors.
  • Assist with inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service


Octoparse is a commanding Amazon seller tool to scrap websites. It can help you to easily extract data from websites. It is particularly useful for anyone who needs to gather large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. With Octoparse, you can quickly create scraping tasks and automate the process of data extraction. 

In addition to being easy to use, Octoparse also offers a range of advanced features that make it a versatile tool for data extraction. These features include the ability to handle dynamic websites, support for multiple data formats, and the ability to export data in various formats.

What Octoparse can do for your FBA business?  

  • Extract data from unlimited web pages using web scraping to gain valuable insights into your competitors, discover new product opportunities, and make more informed business decisions.
  • With Octoparse Cloud Service, you can perform multiple concurrent extractions 24/7 at a faster scraping speed. You can also schedule data extractions in the Cloud at any time and frequency.
  • Reduce the risk of being detected and blocked by utilizing IP rotation for anonymous web scraping.


Zonbase has a variety of features that can help sellers find profitable products and optimize their listings. With Zonbase, you can conduct product research, keyword research, and track their sales performance.

Additionally, Zonbase offers a Chrome extension that allows sellers to quickly analyze product data while browsing Amazon. By using Zonbase, sellers can save time and make data-driven decisions to improve their business.

What Zonbase can do for your FBA business?   

  • Collect and analyze data from various e-commerce sites to get insights about market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Find your first or next winning product from more than 20 million products in ZonBase’s extensive proprietary database.
  • Check out trending products every day and discover the hottest products on Amazon.


Last but not least - Hidemyacc.

Selling on Amazon gives you the chance to approach your target audience from all over the world. And owning multiple Amazon seller accounts will higher your chance. But Amazon is strict about using multiple accounts except for legitimate business reasons. To create multiple accounts without being detected, you need to change your device and IP address. 

IP address can be adjusted when you use VPN or proxy. You can choose datacenter or residential proxy for more security. 

To change device, you do not need to buy a new one or use virtual machine - it’s too expensive and can not ensure that you are totally safe. And here you come with Hidemyacc - the most efficient solution for you. 

Hidemyacc can help you create multiple profiles, each with its own unique identity. This can be particularly useful if you want to sell in different marketplaces or if you want to target different audiences.

To approach more customers and develop your business, first of all, your account needs to be trustworthy. When maintaining tons of accounts, you can not spend every day logging in and farming your accounts. So the Automation feature in Hidemyacc can help you do some warm-up such as browsing the Internet, going over lists of random products, watching videos, and installing handy extensions, … 

It will help you save time and effort. You can choose among available scripts or you can create ones by using the commands Hidemyacc offers. 

What Hidemyacc can do for your FBA business?   

  • Create, manage, and run multiple profiles simultaneously on one computer.
  • Protect your online privacy and ensure that your Amazon can be detected.
  • Adjust sets of browser fingerprints including operation systems, browser, font, … to create separate profiles.
  • Import cookies and add proxies to your profiles for higher security.
  • Farm your account with various free scripts. You can make your own scripts with the available codes Hidemyacc offers. 

By using Hidemyacc, you can maintain a positive account status and prevent your accounts from being banned or suspended. Download Hidemyacc now to experience a 7-day free trial with 30 free profiles.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Amazon seller tools can help you save lots of time and turn your business into a success. With a wide range of features and functionalities designed, these tools can help you optimize your listings, streamline your operations, and increase your sales and profits. 

Whether you're a new or experienced seller, utilizing these amazon seller tools can provide valuable insights and resources to help you succeed on the Amazon platform. From monitoring your product rankings to analyzing market trends and extracting data through web scraping, Amazon Seller tools can provide you with the edge you need to thrive in today's competitive e-commerce landscape.

But remember, the key to success is not just having the tools, but also knowing how to use them effectively. By implementing the right tools and strategies, you can take your Amazon business to the next level and achieve your goals.

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