Virtual Machines vs Multi-login Apps: What’s the difference ?

Virtual Machines vs Multi-login apps are both becoming more and more popular nowadays due to their uncountable benefits, especially for business purposes. However, because of the ambiguity in their features and functionalities, many users remain confused in distinguishing the using purposes of them. In this blog article, we would like to explain this topic clearly to help you choose the best solution for your demand.

What is a Virtual Machine ?

A Virtual machine is a type of software that allows us to run an Operating System within another existing Operating System. They take hardware resources from Host OP and create virtual CPU, virtual RAM, virtual storage for each virtual machine. These virtual machines are completely isolated and can not see the others. The physical machine is known as the host while the VMs running on it are called guests.

There are several good free virtual machine managers (VM) apps out there called hypervisor. Hypervisor is a technology that allows hosting multiple virtual computers on only one physical computer. Examples of Hypervisor are VirtualBox and VMWare. They are both market domination tools in VM until now. Let's see how they could apply in our computer.

Imagine your computer is running Mac OS X. When you install Virtual Box, you can create two virtual machines, one with Windows 10 and another with Windows XP. In the end, you would be able to use these two virtual machines as if they were real computers. Now, you could be able to run applications on these Operating Systems for whatever purposes, work or study. Without Virtual Machines, you must have other computers or other laptops where you would install those two Operating Systems.

This is the most basic and simple terms on what a virtual machine is.

What is a Multi-login App ?

When we open multiple browser windows at the same time, we can only use one IP address. Multi-login App - or Anti-detect Browser tool helps users to create separate browsing environments with their own digital fingerprint. Using a website with multiple accounts is now made easy with these Multilogin Tools.

Similarities between Virtual Machines vs Multi-login Apps

  • Create separate virtual profiles and digital identities: When you use a VM or Multi-login App, they create separate virtual profiles, it’s like using different computers or different devices.
  • Physical device simulation: With these tools, you don’t need separate physical hardware or physical computer to achieve the tasks you want.
  • Avoid security risk: VM created completely isolated virtual machine, while Anti-detect Browser tool also creates totally separate multiple virtual profiles. Whenever these virtual individuals break, you just basically delete them and create the new one without affecting the host OS or other profiles.
  • Faster Traffic Encryption: Adding a VM is as simple as cloning copies of existing VMs in the physical machine. An Anti-detect Browser app doesn’t only work with your IP but elaborates a whole new fingerprint for you. Both methods help respond better to fluctuations in load, which helps stabilize performance.

Differences between Virtual Machines vs Multi-login Apps

Virtual Machines

  • Hardware resources are shared, the number of VMs created are much more limited than the number of profile you could create on Anti-detect Browser Tool

Suppose that your computer has 8 gigabytes of RAM, and your Windows is using 4 gigabytes. If you give the rest 4 gigabytes for your virtual machine, you would have no RAM left to be used for another virtual machine. As a result, you can not create another one.

Basically, you are sharing hardware resources of one machine to run multiple virtual machines. This means as long as you have one computer with one OS using hypervisor, you can install other Operating Systems on top of it.

But as a result, the downside of this technology is the loading speed of each Virtual Machine created is much slower and unstable even when your host computer configuration is high.

  • Using different virtual private computers with multi separate purposes

A VM abstract the hardware of a single computer (the CPU, memories, disk drives, …) into several execution environments. Thereby creating the illusion that each separate execution environment is running its own private computer. This means you can have different virtual private computers and are able to install any applications you want on each computer.

  • Virtual machines are made possible through virtualization technology

Virtualization uses software to simulate virtual hardware that allows multiple VMs to run on a single machine.

Multi-login Apps

  • Run all proifles on only 1 computer: You can use proxy to change IP address for each profiles and open them in the same computer. Anti-detect browsers hide all your data and change, mitigate fingerprints and leave a minimum of traces on the Web.
  • Protect browser fingerprint : Multi-login Tool allows you to mask information about your browser fingerprint and device by replacing your real digital fingerprint with the one you set up in the anti-detect browser.
  • Create multiple profiles in one click: The number of profiles you can create are up to a number of thousands in only one computer
  • Price: Each developer agency has their own pricing packages and pricing policies. In general, most Multi-login Tools are much more affordable for users than VM software.
  • Less storage Multi -login Tools take less place of your computer card capacity than VM It makes the software run much more smoothly than using Virtual Machine when achieving tasks.
  • Replace your IP, browser, operating system, platform, geolocation and more parameters that can be tracked.

Who are Multilogin Apps used for ?

There are many reasons why someone wants to use a Multilogin Tool. Multilogin Tools are extremely useful for corporate users in marketing, social media, development spheres.

  • Users who want to run multiple advertising or social accounts simultaneously
  • People who are running Ecommerce business
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Retail Online Shopping: Avoid blocking when trying to bypass the algorithm for generating price differences.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mining cryptocurrencies
  • Business Workflow Automation
  • Whatever purpose that needs many numbers of accounts

Who are Virtual Machines used for ?

  • Learn and experiment with a new operating system: VM is really great for learning a new OS without having to buy a new computer or laptop to install an OS on it. You can play around with it and do all the stuff that you want. Once you have done with it, you can easily remove it.
  • Testing an application on different Operating Systems: If you want to test an application like a web application that you or your company are developing, you may need a VM to simplify the workflow for testing across multiple platforms. With VM, you could see how the application works or how it looks in different Operating Systems and different Browsers.


Why Hidemyacc is the best choice for users who need an Anti-detect Browser app ?

Hidemyacc is one of the best Anti-detect Browser tools in the global market right now beside Multilogin, GoLogin, VMLogin, Adspower. These anti-detect browsers have different features for many different purposes. You can read about it here. Hidemyacc has many impressive advantages comparing to other multi-login apps and tools:

  • Lets you control your fingerprints and manage your profiles and you still remain anonymous using the Ghosty anti-detect browser at the same time
  • High security: Regularly update algorithms on high security platforms such as eBay, Etsy, etc. to create the safest environment for customers.
  • Replace unreliable virtual machines with secure virtual browser profile
  • Huge configuration warehouse: Continuously updating computer / smartphone parameters (iOS, Android), browser, new operating system, creating a dense data source to help users create many different types of machine parameters.
  • Auto-Backup: Our servers are backed up automatically every 24 hours. So you can recover your deleted profile. In case you need to restore, please contact our support via Telegram, Facebook, Skype or Email.
  • Quick Support: respond immediately. The technical team is always on hand to assist you as soon as possible.

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!


If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.

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