Brand Tracking

Barton Stumme

15 Jun 2021


Brand tracking continuously measures your brand’s health, analyzing how your consumers buy and use your products, and what they think and feel about the brand itself. Good brand tracking will highlight which brand initiatives work well, impacting sales positively, as well as identifying those which don’t, so those can be targeted and improved.

A brand is nothing without its customers. It’s essential to listen to them. Brand tracking gathers customer feedback, analyzes the data, and identifies what matters to them. This enables you to improve your product or service in line with customers’ needs and wants.

Brand tracking also helps you:

  • Measure and evaluate performance
  • Make comparisons
  • Test strategies
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Keep an eye on competitors

By continuously tracking your brand, you will also be able to assess its performance over time – is it performing better or worse than before? A real-time tracking process can flag up issues before they become a problem, and highlight where things are doing well.

And with mobile devices, apps and social media, customer engagement with a brand now happens through a multitude of channels and touchpoints. These are a challenge to collate, but the right brand tracking metrics will be able to aggregate them for analysis.

By continuously collecting qualitative and quantitative data from your customers, you will be able to assess brand health constantly and adapt your marketing and brand strategies accordingly.

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