Frequently asked questions

Download Hidemyacc software. After that, if you do not have an account, register a new account, or if you already have a Hidemyacc account, you can log in to use it. After logging into a new account, you have a 7-day free trial of the software. We have detailed software instruction videos on Youtube channel: “Hidemyacc”, you can learn and use according to the instructions. If you have any questions during use, please contact our support team via Facebook, Telegram and Skype. Thank you!
Download Hidemyacc here!
Currently Hidemyacc supports Window and MacOS.
You can log in and use your Hidemyacc account on multiple computers. If you want to keep all data when using 1 account on multiple computers, you should pay attention to turn on data synchronization (cookies, bookmarks, history in the Advanced section).
For paid plans, Hidemyacc allows you to use unlimited accounts.
For free plan, only one account per computer. Do not need to try using virtual machine, it doesn’t work at all.
We support direct payment, Paypal and Metamask (USDT). Contact us for more information!
Within 7 days without renewal, or without receiving any information from you, your data may be lost. If there is any force majeure, please contact our support team.
Right after you register. We have an Automatic Payment Checking system, so you can pay and use it at any time. If your account has not been renewed after 5 minutes, please contact our support team.
You can change the subscription plan if there is no pending invoice. You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade to another subscription. Contact our support to change.

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