Maximize your passive Crypto income with Hidemyacc

Keena Mettenburg

26 Nov 2023

Crypto is emerging as a revolutionary concept, changing the way we perceive and interact with currency. There are numerous ways to make money from this market today, including both active and passive income streams. 

These days, in order to earn passive income from crypto, people take part in several activities such as Yield Farming,  Saving Accounts, Cloud Mining, Airdrops, Affiliates and Referrals,...
In particular, earning money by doing Airdrops as well as  Affiliates and Referrals, are gaining more attention: 

  • Crypto Airdrops: Airdrops are a common method used by blockchain projects to distribute free tokens to holders of a specific cryptocurrency. To participate in these airdrops, users usually have to meet certain criteria, such as holding a minimum amount of a specific token. If your goal is to acquire as many free tokens as possible, creating multiple accounts to participate in these programs is the most effective approach. The more accounts you have, the greater your chances of receiving additional free tokens. 
  • Affiliates and Referrals: Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Huobi frequently offer referral and affiliate programs. These programs allow users to earn commissions by referring new users to their platforms. Creating multiple accounts on these exchanges, each with a unique identity, can significantly amplify referral earnings and unlock the advantages of affiliate marketing programs

It's essential to bear in mind that maintaining multiple accounts on Binance or Huobi is prohibited. With the emergence of Browser Fingerprinting technology, detecting whether a user has logged into multiple accounts on the same device has become more easy.

Browser Fingerprinting - The Detector of Websites

Browser Fingerprinting refers to hardware specifications including user-agent, operating system, device configuration, time zone, language, screen resolution, and more. By analyzing this data, websites create a unique profile of your device and browser, allowing them to track your online activity across multiple sites, even if you try to remain anonymous.

Hidemyacc Antidetect Browser - The Getaway Car To Your Obstacle

When using Hidemyacc, user are able to create multiple profiles and customize browser fingerprint parameters such as User agent, Canvas Fingerprint, WebGL, DOM, WebRTC, Timezone, Language, Screen Resolution, Font and more. From that, generating a clean and fresh environment in order to register and farm a huge number of accounts on several platforms like social media or websites.

Macro browser, built based on new advanced technology, enables it to bypass web checks like IPhey or Pixelscan that examine browser fingerprints. In order to stay current with the most recent configurations and settings available on the market, Hidemyacc changes its database on a regular basis.

Here are outstanding features of Hidemyacc:

  • Customize browser fingerprint based on needs
  • Share permissions to use profiles and folders without sharing passwords
  • Manage proxies with Proxy Management
  • Buying proxies is cheaper with a series of discount codes from reputable proxy providers on the market

Especially, the Automation feature helps save your time and effort for repetitive tasks such as Cookie Bot, creating an account, surfing the web, etc. You can easily create Automation scripts with 3 options: record actual operations on the website, drag and drop available commands, import code then Hidemyacc will automatically run the configuration and do the work you require.

Hidemyacc extends flexibility with 05 pricing packages designed to cater to your needs. When purchasing yearly plans, you will get a 50% discount, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term users. 

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