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Alex Mia

24 Nov 2023

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the practice of automating the extraction of data from websites. It allows you to collect information from various web sources, such as e-commerce sites, news portals, or social media platforms, for analysis, research, or any other purpose. By using specialized tools, you can retrieve data like product prices, stock information, news articles, and much more.

Why You Need to Create Multiple Accounts to Scrape Data?

One of the challenges web scrapers face is the restrictions imposed by websites. To prevent abuse and protect their data, many websites limit the amount of data you can access through a single account or IP address. This limitation makes it necessary to create and manage multiple accounts to collect the desired information effectively.

Here are the reasons behind the necessity of creating multiple accounts and the challenges associated with it.

  • Access Limits: Websites restrict requests to prevent misuse. Use multiple accounts to access more data without hitting these limits.
  • IP Blocks: Suspicious IP addresses are often blocked. Multiple accounts with different IPs help you avoid this issue.
  • Account Bans: Web scraping can lead to account bans. Multiple accounts reduce the risk of losing access.
  • Diverse Data: Multiple accounts allow you to target various sections and sources, enriching your data.
  • Rate Limits: Websites may slow scraping with rate limits. Multiple accounts retrieve data faster within acceptable limits.
  • Content Customization: Different accounts mimic user profiles for tailored content and pricing.
  • Reliability: Multiple accounts offer redundancy. If one has issues, switch to another for uninterrupted scraping.

By managing and utilizing multiple accounts, you can maximize your data collection efforts, access diverse data sources, and overcome the limitations and risks associated with web scraping.

How Do Websites Detect You Are Using Multiple Accounts?

Websites have developed sophisticated mechanisms to identify and block web scraping activities, particularly the creation of multiple accounts. 

Tracing your IP address to pinpoint your actual location is a common practice. When multiple accounts originate from the same IP address, it could trigger suspicion, allowing websites to easily identify that these accounts share the same geolocation. In order to safeguard against potential misuse, websites may block these IP addresses, preventing access to their content and hindering your scraping task.

Identifying you based on browser fingerprint parameters involves factors such as user-agent, operating system, device memory, hardware concurrency, screen resolution, and more. Each device possesses unique browser fingerprint parameters. Therefore, even if you create multiple accounts on the same computer and change your IP address, websites and platforms can easily detect you and recognize the attempt at web scraping activity. This may result in restrictions on the access of your multiple accounts to websites.

Antidetect Browser Hidemyacc - The Best Solution for Web Scraping

To overcome the challenges of web scraping, you need to alter both your browser fingerprint and IP address to avoid detection by websites.

For changing your IP address, options include using proxies, VPNs, Dcom, or 3G/4G.

To modify browser fingerprint parameters, you can utilize antidetect browser software. This tool allows you to create multiple profiles with different browser fingerprint parameters and run them simultaneously on the same computer without detection by websites and platforms.

Hidemyacc, an antidetect browser, facilitates the creation of multiple profiles with customizable browser fingerprint parameters or randomization of these parameters. By configuring proxies within these profiles, you can scrape websites while remaining undetected.

Hidemyacc is regularly updated with the latest market parameters, and the Marco browser is built on cutting-edge technology, effectively bypassing web checks on browser fingerprints such as IPhey or Pixelscan.

Additionally, the Antidetect browser Hidemyacc offers various benefits, such as seamless collaboration with your team through shared profile rights, including viewing, editing, and administrative permissions without the need to share login passwords. It also provides centralized management of all proxies, free proxies with exclusive promotion codes, and more.

The automation feature enables the creation of batches of automation scripts without the need for programming skills. The record feature allows you to record your actual actions on a website and export them into scripts, saving you time and effort.

Hidemyacc offers five different pricing packages for you to choose from. When opting for yearly plans, you can enjoy a 50% discount, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term users.

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