Set up multiple webgame accounts on the same device with Hidemyacc

Alex Mia

24 Nov 2023

What is Webgame?

“Webgame” (also known as browser games) refers to online games played through websites. Webgames encompass various genres such as adventure, life simulation, vehicular, combat, survival, adventure, role-playing, and more, providing players with diverse and immersive experiences. One of the advantages of webgames is that players can access them directly through a web browser without the need to download or install any additional software.

Why Do You Need to Create Multiple Accounts when playing webgame?

Creating multiple accounts in web games can serve various purposes and bring users many advantages, even though it might be considered unethical or against the rules

  • Game Advantages: Some players create multiple accounts to gain advantages in the game, such as additional resources, characters, or in-game currency. This can provide an edge over other players, especially in competitive environments.
  • Experimentation: Players may want to experiment with different strategies or playstyles without affecting their primary account. Having multiple accounts allows them to test new approaches or explore different aspects of the game.
  • Avoiding Restrictions: In some cases, players may create multiple accounts to bypass certain restrictions imposed by the game, such as daily limits on rewards or progression. This, however, can lead to unfair advantages and disrupt the balance of the game.
  • Avoiding Consequences: Creating multiple accounts can be a way for players to engage in behavior that may lead to negative consequences (such as losing in-game currency or items) without risking the same consequences on their main account.

How do websites detect you are using multiple webgame accounts?

Managing multiple accounts in gaming may offer various advantages, yet numerous webgames strictly prohibit such practices. So, how do these platforms identify if users are utilizing multiple accounts simultaneously?

There are two prevalent methods employed to detect the use of multiple accounts:

  • IP Address: By analyzing your IP address, websites can pinpoint your actual geolocation. If you log in or create multiple accounts from a single IP address or IP range, it triggers suspicion, and the website may intervene to prevent such activities.
  • Browser Fingerprint: Changing your IP address may not be sufficient to evade detection, as websites can easily track you through browser fingerprint parameters. These encompass hardware specifications, user-agent, operating system, device configuration, location, time zone, language, screen resolution, and more. Similar to our unique fingerprints, each device's browser fingerprint is distinctive. Consequently, even if you alter your IP address, the website can still recognize that you are using the same device.

Hidemyacc - The best solution for setting up multiple webgame accounts

If you're already aware of the reasons websites can easily detect your online activities, it's crucial to explore solutions that allow you to set up multiple accounts in games while remaining undetected.

Changing your IP address is a straightforward process; you can employ proxies, D-com, 3G/4G, or VPN apps such as NorthVPN, Hola VPN, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, and more.

For altering browser fingerprint parameters, a specialized tool known as an antidetect browser comes into play. The antidetect browser operates by creating multiple browser profiles with distinct sets of fingerprints, enabling you to establish multiple game accounts on the same device without triggering website detection.

Hidemyacc stands out as the premier antidetect browser, offering many useful features at affordable prices. Hidemyacc will help you create a clean environment to manage multiple accounts simultaneously on a single device by creating different profiles with varying browser fingerprint parameters such as User-agent, Canvas Fingerprint, WebGL, DOM, WebRTC, Timezone, Language, Screen Resolution, Font, and more for each profile.

The browser source Marco, built on cutting-edge technology, effortlessly bypasses various web browser checks like IPHey or Pixelscan. The database is regularly updated with the latest parameters available in the market.

Hidemyacc offers many useful features for you to work with:

  • Customize browser fingerprint parameters as desired
  • Share permissions to use profiles and folders without sharing passwords
  • Manage proxies with Proxy Management
  • Create automation scripts with 3 options: record actual actions on the website, drag and drop existing commands, import code
  • Buy cheaper proxies with discount codes from reputable proxy providers on the market in Proxy Store

Hidemyacc has 5 package prices with a different number of profiles for you to choose from depending on your needs. When purchasing an annual package, you will receive a 50% discount.

Download Hidemyacc and experience a 7-day free trial with 30 profiles!


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